Need Help With This Reading Please

  • Hi everyone...can someone please help with this reading....I hat it done as I hat emotional problems with my Sister & Brother...I am the younges ...I have forgiven them for the things they have done to me wen I was 8 & 13....the last straw was what my sister has done to my mum .... it has do be say;t .. we could not ask for a better mother she was kind carring loving giving always there for here children my heart and mind I can not forgive here mum is now in a nursing home where she is save....she is not well ... it was not easy for me to take this steps but it was the best for my mum wellbeen....this is what was on my mind wen I did this spread....also I live a 1000kl away from my mum I ring everyday to see how she is as she cant chat with me anymore on the phone she is 2 unwell

    Thank you Sunshine

    Self : The Empress

    Adive: Page Of Wands

    Long-term Potental: King of Swords

    Situation: The World

    Challenges : Prince of Pentacles

    Foundation : Four of Pentacles

    Recent Past : The Sun

    Higher Power : Nine of Cups

    Near Future : Three of Cups

    Block & Inhibitions :The Hierophant

    Allies : Ten of Cups

  • Sunshine, You should never do a reading on yourself

  • hi piscesmoon why should you never do a reading on yourself?

  • anyway thank you for looking.... my Mum has passt away ... she is in peace....God Bless....Sunshine...

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