4 Paddi Frome CWB

  • Hey Paddi.

    lay it on me. Im MOST appreciative of this.


  • You first. What do you need help with? Are you really as insecure as you are making out to be?

  • Hi Paddi

    When it is really important to me then yes. N no im not fooling anyone with it. Its like doubt just creeps in. my health aint been the best, n ive had some weeks with depression, it feels like an endless battle that makes me feel like im not getting anywhere n that progress are slower than tghe slowest turtle on earth

  • So if you have been receiving advice from everyone on here what can I do to help?

  • Well userally i ask issues on love n health. Sometimes i mention workl n education n get not much. here with u if u dont mind i wish to focus on education issue alone.


  • OK so what are you studying, what is the prob?

  • computer science, contains programming which i fear im never gonna get hang of, database same as programming especially the combining the 2. tehcnology uhh .....oh boy. business , it in organization, uml ..................... like im always in need of time, i feel fighting n not getting ahead at all. i lack to know how im doing.

  • Wow that's a lot are you sure you really want to do it? I always thought you were more of a creative person. Are you doing home study or real live going to classes? Because if you are doing the latter you should have a person to go and ask for an evaluation, especially if you are in such a mess about where you are and how you are doing. Do you chat address like skype or gmail or hotmail? Might be easier than this

  • This post is deleted!

  • This post is deleted!

  • I'll facebook you, you ight want to get admin to delete you last post in case you get millions of people looking for advice...

  • they wont dare lol

  • i think many knows i onloy if at all read its here. i am strictly holding to my own rules which r, 1. i choose whom i read, 2. i choose where i read n 3. i choose when to read. no one else does

  • well I choose the last 2 and well actually the first as well, i have told a couple of people on here I won't read for them. Can you pick stuff up for yourself, like how you are doing in your course and that? You didn't answer the qu about whether you have a mentor to discuss your worries with. I think that would get you further than any psychic insight. I'm happy to listen though.

  • CWB signing out bedtime in Europe don't quite know if I can help but always glad to lend an ear


  • Hi Paddi gm

    time as i write this is 6.30 am. been up small 40 minutes. its a drag when ya less under par lol

    im lousy at self read where i am. i dont think any can self read at all bc we aint as objective as when we read other people. our emotions good n bad gets inthe way n it all gets obscured.

    mentors, yea but last i asked i kinda landed a bomb. they didnt know how to respond

  • MOrning CWB of course, you are in Denmark right. I am in The Netherlands. Throw them another bomb. They are trained to answer them.Don't give up till you get what you want to know.

    xhave a nice day

  • N here i thought u´d insight me Paddi. Duh me hahaahahahahahah 😜

  • Well the only way you will ever find out what those people think of you and how you are progressing in your studies is by asking the people who are responsible for your training. Stop trying to second guess yourself and go and face them. Then at least you will have an answer. Common sense not psychic. Sorry if I am not enough help for you. I don't think anyone can answer your queries except those mentor people. Pull yourself together girl!

  • u were a very nice help thanx. n ure righ im as good as i am n i need to stop kicking myself like i am. god im sore on my kahuna lol

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