Unemployed boyfriend's a pain...is it HIM or joblessness?

  • Hi, everyone - my boyfriend is unemployed but has a few prospects. Anyway, as time goes by he is becomming more and more of a complete jerk - like I'll say you drug grass in and he'll yell -that's not grass, then stop and look and Oh!yes it IS grass all over the just vacuumed floor.

    I can't tell if this is lack of job stress or his "real" self who said all his other girlfriends were "B*****"....which I can totally understand at this point,.

    Yes/No reading says to cut him loose - I'm so not sure I want to face being alone or do a do over - can anyone take the time to give me some help??? I'd SO appreciate it!!

    Him - April 22, 1963 me - Jan 13, 1958...

    Thanks and blessings to all!

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  • Jlinangel,

    You will receive a job in a shop it feels retail to me. It feels small and quaint. Also, you need to keep in mind that most people do not like their jobs at this time, due to the recession it seems that all the owners and boss'es out there want to take advantage of employees at this time. Before you go job hunting send out to the universe that you want to work with white enity people and you yourself will have to project a more positive attitude to draw warmer people to you. I sense that things will be much better for you and Mr. Aries in March. You both will be employed and feel a much better connection all around.

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