What is it about my 3 husband and myself a 2 that prevents easy communication?

  • My husband and I have been friends for 11 years and husband and wife 3 of those 11. His birthday is 12-25-1964 and mine is 11-21-1959. I realize I have a few 11s in my numbers profile, while he has only 1 I think. Does this have any bearing on our communication skills. It's almost like I speak a different language that he struggles with understanding. I don't remember it being this way before we married, either that or he just didn't say anything. Any insight from anyone will be most welcome. Thanks !!

  • Your husband's profile shows he may have been backward in expressing himself when he was younger for fear of being thought stupid. But as he has matured, he likely has grown out of his fear and gained more self-confidence. Now he may want to express himself more but has not had enough 'practice' with doing it in the past. So you should encourage him to talk about his views and opinions, even if it is hard at first for him to put into words what he is thinking. At least you are both on the same emotional wavelength.

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