Need advice on my relationship

  • I just had a baby with this guy and at the time he was my boyfriend but finacially we were not doing well so left me and went back to his ex girlfriend to live with her . They were ttogether for 17 years and he cheated on her with me for almost four years on and off. she is crazy. she tried to hurt me over him numerous times. He tells me he is not in love with her anymore he just dosen't have anywhere to go beacause i dont have my place yet. I moved out of state but its only 2 hourdrive from me to him to start a new life and get away from the crazy girl he is still with but we still talk and see each other here and there because of the baby. I love him so much but its like he is living two lives with me and her.I dont know why I cant move on and just fous on myself and my baby with out always thinking and wanting to be with him as a family. what should I do? Let him stay with her or fight for my family to be together. Plus he has no kids with her but he helped raise her daughter that is now 18 and sh calls him daddy. And because of the sittuatuion my son never met her or anything, not even his mother because of the crazy girlfriend. Help me out please

  • If cheaters cheat with you, then it's likely they will cheat ON you too. He will never be faithful to you or his ex. He will keep looking for relationships that are not too demanding of him with few responsibilities. Look for someone you can really depend on and who loves you only.

  • I know u are right, I just don;t know why I cant get my mind off of him, sad to say, Thanks for the advice appriciate it!!

  • You can't get your mind off him because he is your only focus. Find something else to focus on - like your career, study, creative project, going out, another love, or a hobby etc. Once you distract your thoughts from him, he will fade from your memory. But you have to want to let go.

  • ChinaDoll


    When I sat down this morning to ask Heaven for a perfect reading for you, I was filled with such a sense of anticipation of wonderful news coming your way!

    First, as I always do, I cleansed my deck with my special arrow crystal, and on dropping it on the Tarot, the crystal was pointing STRAIGHT UP, just a little to left of center and a little up from the bottom of the deck. So, right then I could tell you are in for some wonderful experiences in your life and the word there is KEEP LOOKING UP you are on the right track in your life EVERYTHING IS GOING ACCORDING TO PLAN FOR YOU. As the crystal was a little to the left, this indicates that you are for the most part a very balanced person, you are a little bit inclined towards the passive side, the feminine, however this is a wonderful placement for you right now. The crystal closer to the bottom tells me that you are feeling the "bottom" of life sometimes, however this is normal for you right now, no worries there, things will change as you will soon see...

    Now, the cards... and the cards ALWAYS point us in the right direction, here is your SPECIAL READING for today, Thursday, February 3, 2011 for chinadoll123:

    PAST - Seven of Cups - Chinadoll, I can tell right away that you are a dreamer, you are a strong romantic at heart, and have believed in true love from the time you were a little girl! THAT IS A BEAUTIFUL PART OF YOU do not let any experience in life rob you of that! HOLD on to your dream of a beautiful family for yourself, where TRUE LOVE rules your home and your children (and I do see more children coming for you!)

    PRESENT - the Hermit - Well, it is plainly obvious that you are trudging along feeling alone and at times feeling VERY alone, however your angels want you to know that YOU ARE NEVER ALONE and that Heaven is guiding you perfectly right now! It may not feel like it at times, however you can be assured that ALL WILL WORK OUT FOR YOU wonderfully! As the Hermit, your work right now is to keep your face turned UPWARD to the LIGHT, and see the VERY BEST COMING for you in life! You are actually in a most mystical and magical place in your life right now, believe it or not! Your boyfriend and the "Crazy girlfriend" are an instrument in Heaven's hands right now to help you ASCEND to your rightful place in life as a DIVINE SPIRITUAL BEING of great beauty and faith! So, keep going on the path you are on, FANTASTIC things ahead for you. Pray often, meditate with your son, and SEE your life radiant and strong and FULFILLED becauses Chinadoll, that is what is coming for you VERY quickly.

    FUTURE - Wheel of Fortune - Wow wow wow! Could it get any clearer than that? BIG CHANGES COMING FOR YOU BABY hang in there, the WHEEL is turning in your favor, your tears were not in vain, and your refusal to give up on true love will prove to be a wise decision on your part.

    HERE ARE YOUR INSTRUCTIONS - First of all, and this is VERY important. SEE your boyfriend in the most positive light, as well as the "crazy girlfriend". I know that might be hard, keep in mind we are all living out our lives and creating our realities based on deep subconscious programming that we are helpless to control. FORGIVE the crazy girlfriend in your heart, and wishg the both of the POSITIVE blue-white energies to help them attain their own HIGHEST place in their lives.

    Secondly, and I wholeheartedly agree with the wisdom of "The Captain", your focus needs to be on yourself, and your son. KNOW that Heaven has a SOUL MATE for you and it may or may not be your boyfriend. In any case, don't focus on him, focus on your DREAM of a beautiful companion who will become the PERFECT companion and father for your children! SEE in your envisioning of your life this beautiful person appearing like magic, and LET YOUR boyfriend go, in the sense of focusing on him. Simply remember that Heaven will work everything out for you, for the HIGHEST possible good for all involved, and you will find these Seven of Cups dreams of yours coming to pass!

    Take some nice long walks in the woods somewhere with your son, and reach our to your angels and to the Ascended masters for their companionship and you will find that your heart will be made stronger and stronger and your life will magically transform before your eyes.

    KEEP GOING MY LADY YOU ARE DESTINED FOR A BEAUTIFUL, BEAUTIFUL LIFE WITH A WONDERFUL COMPANION, AND A GREAT FATHER for your child. Your spirit is very strong in true love, and HEAVEN LOVES YOU SO MUCH, you have a wonderful day!

    Please let me know should you require any further guidance from Heaven!

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