The Ninth Wave

  • "The year of 2011 is not scheduled to be just like another year. This is our last chance to live up to being co-creators with the cosmic plan." - Carl Calleman

    Welcome to the flow of evolution.

    For those who read the first incarnation of my 2011 Astro Forecast document and/or listened to the audio recording of our 1/11 Astro Forecast Teleconference, I need to clarify something.

    Carl Johan Calleman has updated his calculation for the beginning of the "ninth wave" of consciousness evolution encoded in the Mayan calendar. He originally published that the ninth and final wave, called the Universal Underworld, would begin February 11, 2011, a date included in his early books and the Powerpoint presentation referenced in my astro forecasts for this year.

    He has revised his calculation, and the new date for the beginning of the ninth wave, or Universal Underworld, is March 9, 2011. The end date of this wave, and the completion of all underworlds, remains October 28, 2011.

    When I wrote to Carl about the discrepancy in the dates, he explained: "In my book I wrote February 11, 2011, as a provisory date. I could not yet tell what was the actual beginning date and now I have come to lean over to the March 9, 2011, date. It was simply too difficult to see this clearly when I wrote it in 2001 or even earlier." I've updated my 2011 Astro Forecast, available here: Mayan Activation

    I became acquainted with Carl's work in 2001 through Ian Lungold, whose presentation of the intricacies of Carl's interpretation was superb. Ian's website, continues his legacy, and I've posted videos of his talks on my YouTube channel.

    For those not familiar with Carl's work, he has devoted much of his scholarly life to interpreting the intent and meaning of the Mayan calendar. He's best known for calculating a different "end date" of the calendar (October 28, 2011 rather than the commonly held December 21, 2012), but more importantly, he sees the calendar less as a timekeeping system and more as an expression of unfolding consciousness, a process that's accelerating (and thus, related to time).

    It's mindblowing stuff, and I highly recommend getting to know his work if you're at all interested in the deeper, esoteric meaning of what's happening on the Earth at this time. You might also be interested in joining up with others around the world who are creating ritual and intent in alignment with the beginning of the ninth wave of consciousness evolution on March 9.

    I don't know who's right about the end date of the Mayan calendar, and my sense is that it doesn't matter. Over the years I've been exposed to many wisdomkeepers connected with the Mayan calendar and teachings, and I feel certain they're all making enormous contributions to the awakening of consciousness on our planet during this transition to the next world age. I will say that when I experienced Ian's presentation of Carl's information, every cell in my body lit up with recognition of cosmic truth. That didn't even happen when I was in the presence of Mayan daykeepers, so I know Carl's onto something.

    What's Gonna Happen?

    In our teleconference on January 11, a caller asked the obvious: What does all that mean? What will happen? I only half-jokingly responded that she might ask Mr. Calleman himself because I hadn't seen anything from him lately on the subject. He has since published an intriguing article on his website.

    He writes: "March 9, 2011, is the dawn of the wave of unity." In a radio interview last fall, Carl explained how his understanding of unity consciousness is bigger than the oneness we feel with each other, the Earth and all of creation. Unity is union with our Divine Source, or what he terms "God." If that doesn't change the world, what will?

    The most intriguing aspect of this ninth and final wave is that it's so fast. We have from March 9 through October 28 to step into our power, and our birthright, as divine co-creators embodied on Earth.

    No wonder they call it a quickening.

    The Ninth Wave

    As the evolution of consciousness accelerates, each of us will very likely experience the shift differently, according to our perceptions, beliefs, conscious intent and subconscious conditioning.

    One thing seems clear. Exactly what will happen is up to us.

    So it's important to purify the mind, open our hearts, and align with the soul and higher truth, connect with others who are consciously making this journey in service to all beings and the Earth, and allow the guidance to flow about how to navigate these uncertain waters.

    "There is no single right answer to how this transformation to unity consciousness is to be brought about everywhere," Carl writes. "These will be extraordinary times."

    By Allison Rae

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