Scorpio female and Pisces male

  • We were together 4 1/2 years, then he suddenly decided he wasn't happy anymore, he secretly moved all his stuff to storage behind my back. I loved this guy with all my heart, so it hurt me terribly when he left. He will not discuss anything, just runs away from problems and ignores me. I need to know if there is any chance of us getting together again. He was born March 3/64 and i am Nov 16/62. He is divorced and has 3 teenagers, and I have never been married and have 2 kids, 10 and 23. His ex wife still has control over him and degrades him every time she is angry at him.

  • This is not a good matchup for love. It is an emotionally complex relationship. You are both very private people who need to be alone a lot, so respecting each other's space is usually not a problem. Yet you are also both prone to escapes of a different kind and, should you fall into a habituating or outright addictive form of escape together, your bond may become unhealthy. You Urbangurl don't like anyone to be too dependent on you and your friend can be extremely needy at times. The other side of the coin is that you need to control your partner, and this man can usually meet your demands with little resistance. However, if he is caught between two demanding sides as is his current situation, it becomes quite the dilemma for him as to whose is the greater command to follow. Or indeed if he should allow himself to be controlled by either side at all. It can all explode in him one day and he will escape altogether or go back to his earlier situation.

    Emotional manipulation can be quite common in a love affair or marriage between you. The fine art of persuasion can reach a high level of sophistication here, often manifesting as a series of compromises, trade-offs, mildly coercive acts, and other clever strategems that guaranteee each partner will get their way a sufficient part of the time. These maneuverings are not necessarily serious and may even be quite playful in character. Withholding sexual favours or limiting them in certain respects are also possiblities. You two may stay together for several years but, when you do break up, it will be extremely painful and even in some cases permanent.

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