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  • Hello! Ihave a very unpredictibill and strange relationship with a man whom i love from all my heart. I really don't understand what is he feeling for me! My dates are- born on December 14,1958, at 4.25 in Buzau, Romania and his dates are- born on March,24,1958, time unknown, in Iassy, Romania. Please, is someone who can tell me about our relationship? Thank you all!

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  • This is best for friendship and work, and worst for love. In love, emotional differences will prove too great a stumbling block to your relationship. You Sygryd888 tend to be a passionate type who gives your all in the most intimate moments, whereas your friend is more sensuous, needing pleasure in regular doses throughout the day. Your expansive nature may be a bit intimidating or off-putting for your friend, who doesn't think on quite so lofty or grand a scale as you do. You have a breezy and self-assured air and recognise few limitations or barriers, whereas your friend needs his privacy and can resent any intrusions on his space, which you may make unknowingly. Thus, the relationship can bring out your friend's shy side or even seriously erode his self-confidence, though he is also capable of defending himself quite assertively. You however can be very vulnerable to your fascination with your friend and he will know how to get his way with you through subtle forms of emotional manipulations. He is not above using your protective instincts or your need for admiration to control you.

    This relationship can work well as a business or creative partnership. But in love you are not partners at all.

  • Thank you very much, Captain! He is very childish towards relationships, cannot asume responsabilities. He was married once, he has two children, but he divorced and married the second time with a horrible woman from all points of wiev. Now ,his second marriage is almost break out. With me he is so gentle, warm and tender! I don't know what to think, what to do! I love him so much and i wish to answer if there is no way to keep our relationship! I do anything for him! Ilive for him and trough him! What can i do to keep him? There is no chace, even very little? Thank you! Syg.

  • No, I just don't see this working out for you with this man. It is not an equal relationship. You should look carefully at his past to see how he behaves in relationships - it is not good for the future.

  • And you shouldn't live your life for anyone else - that's unhealthy. If you live your life for this man, what will happen to you when he leaves you? And he will...

  • hi i wanted to ask about my relationship with this guy.

    (sorry i dont know how to start a forum)

    He is born on the 3 july 1990 and i on the 11 August 1992.

    things are one minute great and then not so great. its very confusing

  • Hello and thank you, dear Captain fot your kindness and I fell deep insight me you're right! Imust tell you that i was a "little"selfish till i met this man. I put me always on the first place, but this love changed me. I thought that it was a karmic meeting, but a negative one. Imet him on 08.08.2005, at 8:30 a.m. Too much 8, don't you think? I suffered very much since i met him, today he is an angel and tommorow, a demon! He didn't hurt me even he didn't know. I'm too sensible towards his words, one only word it's enough to hurt me! Can you tell me if our meeting is karmic! Thank you and have a nice day! P.s. We both are medicine doctors...... professional, friends, exactly like you said! Syg.

  • Yes this relationship is karmic - you both had debts to pay each other from other lives. That means once the debts are paid, there is no more need for the relationship. I think you especially have repaid the debt.

  • Hi, Captain! Do you mean that i paid my debts and now i have no more debts to pay him? Did i understand well or not? But he has still debts to pay me? There are some aspects with NN, GOOD ASPECTS and ASPECTS WITH sATURN WICH SHOW STABILITY AND A DEEP RELATIONSHIP. aND cHIRON- FOR ME, IN C3, FOR HIM IN C8, SUN CJ. MARS-SEXUALITY AND THE MOON, MINE AND HIS. I am a begginer in astro, but i've study even our draco synastry. I don't know what to think, it's too complicate. Thank you and best wishes! Syg.

  • Your relationship is at an end - you have both worked off the old karma although your friend has acquired new karma to other people that he still has to pay off sometime.

  • Thank you very much, Captain! So, this is the end! It means i've payd him all my debts from other lives? I wonder what did i do to him in another life/lifes to pay so hardly! Can you tell me, it's about love, money or something else? But he payed to me all his debts? I'm asking you this, because only me i suffered in this relationship. It means that me, i was the one who maked him suffer in another life? I really can imagine my life without him! It's so painfull! And now he has acquired a new karma to other people because of this relationship? If you can answer me, please , do it! Best wishes, Syg.

  • It's time to leave a situation or person when you become dependent on it. Now you must learn to support yoursefl from your own inner strength. You did indeed mistreat this man in another life so he has made you suffer in return. Time for the suffering to end! Love is not pain.

  • Thank you very much, Captain! You were very kind and gentle and you had a lot of patience with me! You have so many right- Love is not pain! It's true, i'm dependent on him! Just that he does't know! And also, he doesn't know that i love him! Syg.

  • Hi, Captain! I'm back and i wish to ask you, please, if the transits at this moment show a diferent situation. hE INSIST VERY MUCH TO SEE ME,TO MEET ME! i feel i can't resist, i can;t refuse him. I've told you, he doesn't know that i love him, we've never told about love. Between us thre was professional relation and he treat me for an inflamation to my knees. He insist that i go to treat me with a very performant dispositive. iSUFFERED BECAUSE MY LOVE WASN'T SHARED, BUT HE DOESN'T KNOW I LOVE HIM! please, look on the transits! THANK YOU FOR ALL MY HEART! SYG.

  • Unless you tell him how you feel, this will all just remain a fantasy in your mind. You must find out if he feels the same way. if he doesn't have such feelings, then at least you will be free to move on.

  • Thank you, Captain! I'll try to tell him about my feelings towards him. We shall be together a lot of time since next week, all spring and not only. I must tell him, but, he is an Aries and i must let him the ideea that he has begin. I T'S HARD, BUT I MUST DO IT! tHANNK YOU, Syg.

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