Gemini Virgo break up... will Gemini be back and what does virgo do???

  • 911! 911! I am a virgo male. My girlfriend or ex girlfriend as of last night is a gemini. I am very upset and distraught over the break up. she wouldnt even tell me in person. She told me through a text message. She wont talk about it with me which makes it worse for me. I want to talk and clear the air of any problems. I sent her text messages and emails last night wanting to talk. now this morning she has sent me text messages while I was reading the forums here. After reading some here I decided it was best to leave her alone and not answer her text. Is this a good idea or will it make it worse? She had told me before she needed space and I was trying to do that.That part is very hard when you love someone. We have been together for 6 months and it was like love at first site for both of us. Like she said it is like we were separated at birth we are so much alike. she told me a month or so ago that she loved me but wasnt in love with me so she couldn't say "I love you" unless she was. Just this past Monday she said she loved me and it was like the world changed. she was more attentive and loving than it has been for the last 6 months and now this with no warning. Please help!!!!!! I love her and want her back.

  • The only advice I can give you is to just give her space right now. She will be back. That's something you have to learn about Gemini's, they need their SPACE. She'll be back. I have been through that myself. Patient and Space....

  • space as I have found out already is a pretty general term. My idea of space and hers were completely different. should i leave her alone completely and let her come back or can me still have some contact while she has her space? If i don't talk to her she thinks I am mad at her. And is there any general time frame we are talking that they come back or do you just be patient and wait. I have tried to read about Geminis and most is understandable and I have made my mistakes and starting to pay for them now. What is we were married or living together, how do you give them space then?

  • Allow her some time to just think because thats exactly what she's doing. If she has feelings toward you she will come back. Do not try to contact her is you have not spoke with her. Let her get in contact with you. Even if you guys are married you still need your time for your self. It will be fine :).

  • Gemini either hate person or like a person very much .. They swtich their mind very fast .. they will not die without love .. am a virgo my mum is gemini ..they can easily bored with a boring person.

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