For anyone that knows cancers: relationship help please.

  • DecemberGirl,

    Sadly, the cancer man that I knew was just as you described. All of those things come before love for them. The one I knew anyway - I know it isn't that way with all of them.

    I am doing good today ladies - beautiful day and I am going to enjoy it 😉

  • DecemberGirl: I can't say all cancer guys are heartless. I have only dated 1 cancer guy. I have to say other than his disappearing act he was one of the kindness guys I have ever dated. The other one was a sagittarius. My memories of him are beautiful. Unfortunately, I messed up with him. I really think their are some great cancer guys out there, we just didn't have good luck with the ones we were involved with. The cancer heartache club is taking one day at a time and knowing that we can get through anything through GOD who strengthen us. Hang in there!

    Good Morning Piscesstar and doeyeyedpisces

    You guys have a great day.

  • OMG!! Here we go again I can feel you all but i just leave him at peace cut all the connection and turn my back on him. I'm Aquarius be after all he done to me I still don't feel good if I hated that Cancer man who makes me feel insecure, manipulative , and calling me names and aside from that threatening me, my family and friends and i feel like I was in hell that time and the worst was I almost forgot who I am. I still cross my hand & pray for his own peace off mind and find true happiness .I now confused if I will greet him on his birthday but I'm afraid as well to hear some nasty words I guess the trauma is still with me sometimes . I'm glad the I'm happy and contented right now. I hope things will be alright to all the cancer man who made most of us like a robot ..

  • So heres the story I just started talking to my cancer again after a close family member of his passed, I reached out. We exchange a few words and he said:

    MY RESPONSE:'ve been talking to my crush for a while now. A couple weeks back he asked me was I single I replied " I was at the moment"he said its good I'm single then he went into A LOT of detail of why he was also single then saying at the end "When his one come by which will be soon or later he was gonna show her his love and appreciation and she would be displayed as his 8th wonder on the world then he said that I (Me) already know. Yesterday we were having a convo and I said I'm a free spirit but I'll never go against my morals then i said I caught 2 of my roomies in the act. He replied back IN EXACT WORDS by saying" I know college is fun and wild but don't forget why ur there in the first place, You have the right ideal, don't compromise your morals, but have fun also. Don't go having **** with a lot of dudes SMH. But find one you like, make em strap up and go in (we don't want nothing now). You gotta try everything at least once...Have you?"......I'm a little confuse by him and why he would say that to me, pLus I like him and I think he likes me "i responded by saying I wasnt experience(Im still a virgin) but in order for me to lose my virginity I needed 2 way love, mental stimulation and emotional attachment, I said I rather wait for the one:)...Perhaps I scared him off?

    HIS RESPONSE:my responsed to my crush via letter(Im far away at college)...he wrote me back 2 weeks later:( he usually only takes a week if that stating this:

    he stated " I take major breaks in between though, Sometimes, being I haven't been around for so long, some people I feel too disengaged; I barely have anything to say, Its sad sometimes". We must have an mutual agreement and understanding to call each other on our mistakes and faults and errors!! It is our duty as friends to correct each other and ourselves, with humility, when we are wrong!! To hold ourselves to less would be diminishing!! We would only be betraying ourselves, for we must behave in accordance with who we want to be!! In the words of Niall Ferguson,"Its NOT the fault of the mirror if it reflects our blemishes as clearly as our beauty"....WHAT IS HE SAYING?? DO YOU THINK HE WANTS TO BE JUST FRIENDS?

    Also he said:I find your vibes to be intelligible and lucid, and I always re-evaluate my assessment of your mind.because it is not often that i encounter young women who are capable of their own thoughts.

    He also gave me an explanation as to why he didnt send me a letter back quick : he said being that he hasnt been around for long, he feels ppl are too disengaged. He barely has anything to say: its sad sometimes.

    I replied back by saying: I didnt need an explanation as too why he didnt write me back quick, I told him letters are optional and have no time limit. So when u need to take a break by all means do so, and when u do write I'll make sure to send my regards back.

    Est then he hasnt wrote me back or phone call. emails NOTHING. Its going on three weeks!

    Can I get some feed back!!!

  • No, jealousy is a curse ..

  • Lilmisspretty: it sounds like typical cancerian head games to me. I'm not sure what to make of any of his responses to you. Sounds like the ol' push/pull method they use. I've come to the conclusion over many a nights wracking my mind about cancer men and men in general that if they truly like you, you will know. they wont beat around the bush, so to speak. say your peace to him, come clean if you have to about your feelings. put your cards on the table and leave it be. he'll either come to you, or he won't. but in all honesty, ask yourself if this is the kind of person you want to date and invest emotional energy on. it is terribly cliche but you'll know when a guy wants you. he will stop at nothing. this guy seems wishy-washy. you dont need that. no one should have to put up with that kind of emotional upheaval.

    trust me, i've dealt plenty with these types of men. ultimately it ends. id like to say it'd be different for you and him, and i wish you the best. just guard yourself.

  • My cancerian is those persistent type.. but he is suffered some setback in his past relationship

    thus having depression. Am a virgo and i admit that am harsh on him at times because i need some assurance a d most of the times i am self contradicting that confusing him deeply.

    He mentioned that he is moody and yet need to entertain me really a tough job.

    But recently he suffered depression and refuse to ans my calls, dun wan to see me and ignoring my smses which he never did that to me in past 6 yrs.. cos most of the time he will try him best to meet me no matter how mood swing he is. Now quite hard to adapt that he is basically hiding out in his shell plus i am not a patient type thus I keep initiate break up but he just keep quiet like am talking to a wall.

    Now I dun care damn and decided to cut him from my life and stop sms him totally for couple of days. Then he did smses me for saying that I dun understand him well .

    I'd warned him not to take for granted , I mentioned in my smses that I will not accept this unpredictable relationship if is not meant to be together than call it a quit.

    But he still remain as calm as the sea water.

    Nevermind I will let him be what he wan and he shall hide forever ..that doesnt concern me anymore. My heart is numb by forming ice already.

  • Woah what happened to the help portion of this thread. First I would like to say WOW the amount of cancer hate is extreme in this thread. Secondly a lot of you are forgetting Genders do cause differences within the Zodiac signs and well as the placement of their ascendent, moon, venus, and mars sign in specific sign. I am a female Cancer sun sign and I do have male cancer associates and past bf's and yes some not all Cancers can be emotional but technically were the first water sign in the Zodiac and a lot of our moods are very interchangable why? because to some degree we are very sensitive and are easily hurt especially if the person we have been hurt by hasnt realized they have hurt us. Cancers are very intutive we read every thing from a person's actions, body language and cut up every single word you have said to us and analyze it. Water signs in general can be malnipulative because we can become so intuned with another person's feelings and thoughts that we know how to use it against them, a Cancer's ability to Empathize can be a double edged sword. Also Cancer is one of the feminine sign of the Zodiac so some of the qualities probably dont work as well in the male half. For example I dont get along with Aquarius women but I find I am compatible with Aquarius men.

  • gender makes a difference? hell, i didnt know. thanks for the tip.

    its cancer men that suck ass and don't just blame this thread, or just these fish. you can search the entire site and realize cancers have screwed over a lot of people.

    on a personal note, i'm sorry you're a cancer.

  • Or maybe your a bunch of weak people that are blaming a person's sun sign as the reason someone screwed you over. As many compatiblity charts say the love compatibility of two people depends not on their sun sign rather the compatible of one person's sun sign with the others rising sign.The Sun/Ascendant relationship determines the OVERALL tone or quality of the relationship. Maybe all of you should re-evaluate your partner's charts ; The sun sign doesnt determine a person's ENTIRE personality. Maybe its time you re-evaluate yourself and whether or not they werent giving you sign that they didnt want to be in a relationship with you.

    The Most Important Combinations for relationships are as follows :

    1. Sun/Ascendant(general harmony)

    2. Moon/Moon(emotional harmony)

    3. Mercury/Mercury(mental harmony)

    4. Venus/Mars(sexual harmony)

    The above four combinations form the working basis for any relationship.

    5. Sun/Sun(spiritual harmony)

    6. Sun/Moon(friendship)

  • Lol, I certainly don't blame a person solely on their sun sign, or their entire chart. This is an astrology site, so that's what we talk about. When I'm on psychology sites, I'll talk psychology, and so forth.

    I think you're just upset that your sign sucks, and everyone hates cancers. you guys can be lovely, but really, you're the most bizarre people I've ever met, and that's coming from a pisces, you do the math.

    anyways, i dont want to argue with you because you seem a little unstable. so take care.


  • am scorpio 21 years old and she is cancer female 25 years old. we easily got in relationship.we had rapport and best times with us.everything was going right.i usually called her as friend. one day we got misunderstanding between us she stopped texting me. i said i got possessive thats why everything happened. later on i spoked she said i cant be ur friend we have age difference that too am staff of u. she said it cant be get in force.u need to realise. how to get back with her.please help me..

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