For anyone that knows cancers: relationship help please.

  • Hi I dated a cancer for two months and it was the first time learning about a cancer. I think I get the general areas of how I can respect a cancer now but it is too late because we broke up.

    My question: My cancer told me that they were in love with me and I really understood them. My cancer said I was perfect for them. But when we broke up my cancer changed her answer to, I don't love you, you are perfect but not for me, you are a good person/girlfriend but you didn't love me in the way I want.

    Does this mean that my cancer really thinks this. Or did my cancer just say this because she was hurt. Because if you are in love with someone I can't see how they can say they are in love with you and the next day change it. To me it means they never loved me or is in pain. Please help with this.

    Also do they lie because they are hurt? (that ties in with question above). Also is there any way I can get her back? Like wait a long time until she heals.

  • Oh if you answer that first and if you don't mind reading this extra piece, i think it may help. My cancer talked about how the planets and the angles between us matched perfectly and how everything between us were lined up. We had so much in common. She talked about a future. I don't understand how much she could do this and just give up on me and not love me.

  • Hi Well I will give a brief background. I'm a virgo sun leo moon he is a cancer sun libra moon he is 30 i am 33, ok So we have been in an on and off relationship for a year. this is our fourth time breaking up. he always comes back... why I dont understand... so this time he says I love you but I am not happy Im sorry this hurts you but you have no idea how hard this is for me and honestly I dont know if things get better from here or not. I said if you Love me how can you leave me? he said because I cant tolerate 1.5 hours late in a long distance relationship it makes me angry and is hugely disrespectful. I said I promised to never be late again... he said your words dont mean very much right now. so I said maybe you could put things in perspective. he said thats what I'm doing right now. to that I said well I will try and keep things in perspective on my end and try and not be screaming mad at you for ripping my heart out because im late and your not happy, I'm sorry I'm just hurt. I hope you have a good week at work and please take care of yourself dont push yourself so hard and I hope your elbow doesn't give you to much trouble. I'm not going to contact you I cant be friends and I cant see you on facebook so I have to delete you. I hate this I really hate this.. that was it and he didnt respond.. I wonder if he will come back again im so confused I dont know if I handled it right.. oh please help with advice / insight.. It happened last night..

  • Cancers in my experience do say things out of guilt/hurt/confusion. Especially when it comes to someone they really care about.

  • Hi

    As a watersign we dont lie but say whats on our heart, and we try to convey it as gently as possible, so that u wont hate us for hurting u. Its a doubleedged sword n i can tell u, cancers take FOREVER to choose wether to break it up or not. They´d rather fight fiercely to protect n make amends heal rebuild salvagge what can be saved, no matter it is already way dead. at some point they wake up n see it cannot be save as its dead sunken n vanished.

    I swear ur cancer prolly bit gnawed off her arm to do what she did. It prolly caused her more pain that u can imagine. I feel she felt like a failure. A failure for not having not been able to make it work.

    Watersigns talk future bc we are or seem to b in connection with the universe n all living things. We´re at times uncannily in connection with mother earth n we see possible futures n more. But we also know as the seas change so does future.

    Another thing n its a flaw charming but a flaw of cancers, they tend to rush at first. Say all the right thing, divulge us in their secret wishes for future dreams n more. N bc we´re so in love we swim along side em until bump!

    I think u could learn more if u studied the astrology sign cancer woman. Linda Goodman has made some excellent dead on descriptions of each sign, from the general, to male, female, child, boss etc- Google cancer woman n study. It may help u-

    with this i hope ive helped u a wee bit.


  • Cancer Men are selfish egomaniacs who take pleasure by torturing the girls that like them. By saying something like, you're a wonderful girl, someday you'll find everything you deserve what they really mean is , "Im really enjoying how rejecting you is feeding my ego, and I want you to think about me morning noon and night until the day you die." The minute you tell them to buzz off or to "stop calling you." They will get all sweet within a few days (probably 1 day) and keep texting or calling and "innocently" see how you are doing since they rejected you.

    Then, once you have truly stopped giving a shit what they think, they will come to you like a lost little puppy with the sweetest most innocent words very comforting just when you need it most. They will promise you the sun and the moon and they will shower you with love love love!!! The problem here, is that they shower you with love NOT for YOUR needs...But for their OWN selfish insecurities to be fed. They are Takers. Not Givers. They dont know how. I have dated cancer men for the past 5 years (2 of them) and they are completely self serving (even when you feel them giving, its just enough for them to get the affection, attention, security, sex, cuddling, obsession, that THEY need to feel better.) The minute you start showing interest again, They will ignore you for the football game, Call you names, say they dont love you, get jealous over NOTHING and of course, andy punishment ( and OH THERE WILL BE PUNISHMENT) that they bestow upon you will undoubtedly ALWAYS ALWAYS be YOUR fault. I love these lil f'ers, but if I had it to do allover again I would say HELL to the NO!

  • I have had experience with the cancer male...twice. Both times were identical. I really think they like to "hook" you to feed their ego. While they really have no intention on being in any sort of relationship.(i.e. inconsistency, no calling/texting, missing in action). Ive never experience that sort of extreme inconsistency before even when I was married.

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  • readysetgo,

    Aint that the truth!! JUST PLAIN NASTY!!


    I am with you, NEVER AGAIN!!!

  • virgo2, my cancer man told me he loved me and when i finally said it back to him, he started to pull away and do and say everything to push me away.

    I am still completely baffled. He hurt me and toyed with me and he walked away like nothing bothers him.

    When you figure it out, let me know.

    Because to me, love lasts, and it doesn't go away from one or 2 mistake, unless they are full of lies.

    Mine had the nerve to tell me he will always love me, and yet he wont pick up , return a call or see me.

    His love seems like fake love to me. I forgave him for every thing he did during our relationship. He is in for a heartache he cannot even imagine. Because I believe when you hurt and truly loving person, you will suffer for it, at some point in your life, you will have immense regret and pain.

  • they lie about their feelings, they create drama when it is so unnecessary and for no reason, just to have drama and feel something, and their mother's are the reason they are so disturbed.

  • Oh Lord, I created a post similar to this. A few people on here have commented with great insight on my issue.

    It seems cancers are selfish and need to feed their egos. They are GREAT at playing the damn victim card. They feed you lies, hook you, sink you, and then act like they are the ones hurting. I did my dance of lunacy with a cancer male for about a year and a half, with a long break in between dating. We just ended round 2 this past weekend.

    I'm telling you, I honestly don't see how these people ever commit. I certainly don't have the patience for their nonsense.

    The best I can advise is the next time they contact you to ask straight forward what they want. You may get the run around, and if you hear any wavering in their intentions just run!

    I can't stand them!!

  • I swear to God I will never allowed cancer male to touch my heart no respect , no feelings, full of bull crap, and unaccetable words that you will never hear from his animalistic attitude . User and don't know how to appreciate people cares about him. They will be nice with you in his own time and need to fulfill his needs far out your unbelievable you have no heart.

  • lol...piscesmoonshine....very true. Playing the "victim" is the first thing I thought of when I dealt with cancer males (when they are the ones who cause havoc.) After having the similar experience twice (express extreme interest then he went MIA)...not only will I guard my heart more but, I keep any cancer men I meet in the "friend zone".

  • lol we should create a "how to deal with a cancer and don't fall into his bs" group .. Virgo92, sorry to hear about your issues with your cancer.. I think you should give her space.. and you continue enjoying what you do, and who you are... Cancerians like it when you feed their ego.. and they won't respect you for it..

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  • Doeyeyedpisces: yes let's start a group about that!!!

    NeptunianDreams: Yes, they LOVE to have their stupid egos fed and get off to watching people suffer over them. shakes fist !!

  • soo many haters, geez.

    i bet you guys are just as guilty as playing BS games as the cancers you're dating.

  • lol, really? then why are they hundreds of threads just about cancers and all the grief they cause?

  • piscesmoonshine, you are so right! motocrab, you have your answer

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