In desperate need of a reading!

  • hello... i am a 35 year old mother of 5. I have a strange story and will make it short. We recently moved into a home that has been making my children sick. I have had numerous people come out to check the property for CO2, radon, gas, mold etc... all checks have come back fine. But the fact is... my kids are sick. About a month ago i started having a vision that a psychic is giving me the winning lottery numbers, telling me that this will help my kids. I do not know what the numbers are. I have a daughter who is 2, that has recently found a new "friend" in her closet which she referrs to as "Katies House" Whenever I have my vision, my daughter immediately goes up to play with Katie. I need a reading to help me find this psychic, I need to help my children. Please out of the goodness of your heart, if you have a sense within my story I am living, Help Us!!!

  • Eek, I have just watched the movie "The Orphanage" on the TV so your story creeps me out in that it is very similar.

    I do feel your kids are being affected on a metaphysical level, rather than the physical. Something is really stressing them out. I get a bad vibe from that whole area, in fact, not just your house. I am wondering if there is some illegal or immoral activity going on somewhere near you, like a drug house or something like that. You might ask around to see if any other children are sick.

    Is this home rented or did you buy it? And did your vision tell you the winning numbers?

  • PS What are your children's symptoms?

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