Confused and in pain!

  • I am crazy in love with a man who lives in another country, though due to our current circumstances we cannot be together. We have been good friends for two years and moved into a physical relationship in the last six months where I have met him twice. He asks me to be patient but I do not think I have the inner strength to contain a long distance relationship. His birth date is 2nd August 1970 and mine is 31st October 1970, we are both very similar in character, personality. I believe we are soulmates, I don't want to lose him and neither does he want to lose me, how can I survive this relationship? Please help with any intuition/insight you may have?

  • Just a note, I continue to get the Ace of wands and 2 of cups in my feelings about our relationship.

  • Hmm. I might be wrong but I would be wary of a man who tells you to be patient when you have already been waiting so long.

  • This post is deleted!

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