Libra lady in love with a Scorpio man

  • Lets see, about 1 and a half years after my divorce, out of the blue, on the 1st Aug 2008, this tall handsome sexy scorpio man comes into my office to speak with my boss, ( have known him for about 5 years as a co-worker, for a different company in the building I work in)

    So up I get and leave as I thought he wanted to just talk to my boss, when I came back he was still there, and then all of a sudden, he asks me for my mobile no. I jokingly say, why? My boss, seriously says, don't bother she will never answer, or she'll have a headache..... At this time I was fending off advances from my boss, who is 25 years older than me.

    Anyways, I give him my no, and forget about it. About 6pm my mobile goes and it's him, the scorpio, I just about fell off my chair, when he asked me to dinner. I said yes, and we went out for the 1st time. Typical Libra, spoke the hindlegs off a donkey.....too much wine....but still in control.....said goodbye at the car. When I got home, my daughter asked how was it? I said, no spark.....don't think it will go anywhere..... and left it at that.

    The week after, we went out again, and something shifted, don't know exactly what...However, after about the 5 date, my scorpio said, " I don't want to have a serious relationship " ...... Even though I felt my heart drop to my feet..... I said no problem, better to be open..not so....

    Yet, we carried on dating, and by October, our relationship, shifted again, into a fantastic love making nights..... Yet, we were not together all the time.......

    So, even though he and I are both alone, (supposed to be not in a serious relationship with each other that is) We don't see other people.

    He is very busy at work, being a rep, travels far distances during the week, which I know is true as I am at the office, and aware of all the goings on. At weekends we spend maybe 1 night together, the rest, he either flies (as he is a pilot, flying instructor) or he is doing building work on his house on his plot., next to the river away from the city......... so I can understand he juggles alot of his time..... Although sometimes I feel as if he is running away from himself, hiding away in being to busy, and too afraid to admit that he does want a serious relationship.

    So yesterday was the 1st May, and we've been going together for 9 months, He is at an airshow this weekend, I am going to a bacholerette today, and next weekend we are going to a wedding.

    My question is this, am I wasting my time, energy, and love, on something that won't work? or can it/ will it be worth while having taken it slow, supporting, not nagging,???????????

  • Hi,

    I'm a Sagittarius and my husband of 22 years is a Libra. All horoscopes and all my readings say that the two of us should not be together. I even told him on our first date that we wouldn't last. (his ex wife is also a Sag). If it is true love and meant to be it will last. We have had ups and not so many downs. I have found my true love and so has he. He says my eyes still twinkle. We have been very happy. This August will be 23 years together and 22 years married. So if you feel it in your heart, go for it. I did. J. Flanagan

  • You would not be here here asking these questions if he was truly the one. While he cares for you he is keeping you on the back burner as a back up plan. the fact is he has stated he does not want a relationship while he is fully aware of your involvement , and when he finds someone more interesting he will remind you he told you he did not want to be involved . Because you are dating and have been intimate does not mean he views this as a relationship...shocking but true of the way some men think. Be brave at the risk of losing something unfulfilling and tell him this does not work as you are looking for a relationship with someone who wants that too . Supporting him is like saying that this situation is ok , while you are secrectly hoping this will become something. Things did not change when you slept with him did it? , there's your answer ? , this will only lead to more heatache if you do not say what you want , and may still lead to that .Either way you will know and pick up the pieces and find someone who wants what you want and is prepared to take a chance on love . "To thine own self be true" and stop wasting your precious life on an emotionally unavailable man . I wish you the best.

  • Thank you Sorana for your so true words, even though they cut right through me, the realisation is just so much more clear, while reading them.

    I know now what to do.

  • Hi, It is quite heart warming to read that you are happy, even against the odds according to readings and charts and so. I hope that you will stay that way for ever :)))

    Perhaps, in my heart of hearts I know that it won't really work, even though I am a romantic, and probably think too much and want it to work......

    Just dont want to be the fool. and seems that I am........ and whats worse is that I have known all along, and have not acknowledged it. mmmmmmm

    lots of things going through my head now....

  • I think you should go for it.....Iam a Libra and I have a scopio friend who I truly adore...and wish I could see him all the time.. It has been 8 years for us even though we have our up and downs we still continue to make it work even though we have mates.

  • I was married to a scorpio for 22 yrs . I am a Libra . It was the most exciting relationship of my life . Sex was hot and we were in love . In the begining I kept my cool , I was crazy about him . But he wasnt ready . I pulled back . He came to me and it worked . When a Scorpio really is serious , you will know . Then you will be the only one he wants . My experiance is over (he passed) , hang on a while longer and see what happens . Just live your life . Good luck

  • Jamie50, thank you, I think that is what I am just gonna do...hang on a while longer and see what happens.........:))

  • A scorpio is notoriously secretive and private almost to the point of being reclusive, they are also, in my opinion, an all or nothing sort of person. Libra's want beauty and light all around them and balance in everything. It might be that you are forcing him to hard to see things your way without taking into consideration his inate desire to be left alone to stoke his private mind.

    I had a relationship with a scorpio and it was deliously intense and exciting but also maddeningly annoying because I could never tell what was real and what wasn't with him. He was like an enigma.

    Still, i wouldn't have missed out on that relationship one little bit.

  • Scorpio's are not the easy people to get along with. Being one myself I should know. There are different types of scorpio's though. My boyfriend is a scorpio. This makes life very hard. We are people pleasures. But then again we can snap in a moment. Usually scorpio's are the type of people who can put great front's on in front of people, but they have skelton's in the closet. But they are the best at sexually desires.

  • I think that is true that scorpio's are best at sexually desires, that's for sure! They are hard to get along with sometimes though. I was once in love with a scorpio and it was going great then after time passed by it started to go downhill from there. I am a libra and I want to know more about my sign. 🙂

  • I am a Libra woman that has fallen madly in love with a scorpio man. We have only known each other for about 2.5 months and we have never been intimate. He says, He moves very slowly in relationships and generally I don't fall head over heels for someone so quickly. These intense emotions hit me like a ton of bricks out of nowhere. He runs hot and cold. I often feel like he's revealing aspects about his life and I think ,wow, were moving forward and then he'll not call for a couple of days, and then early one morning he'll call or text, love, "Have a beautiful day". I'm going mad. I don't know what to do? I try to pull back when he pulls back and usually he comes to me. I'm just wondering how much longer am I going to be tested? What should I do?

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  • THANK YOU, It's nice to know that someone else has experienced my plight and has made it into a more positive, state.

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