PLZ, HELP I can find my engagement ring, I am so depressed. =(

  • You might not like what I am going to say but you should give this serious consideration if you want your ring back. Losing things is no accident. We either subconsciously lose things that are causing us problems or the Universe whisks things away so that we might think on the lesson/message involved.

    Engagement and wedding rings are frequently lost items. They indicate that there is a problem with the engagement or marriage. Either you or your fiance is having doubts or difficulties with this engagement or an outside party (like a relative or friend) is causing the problem. They may only be subconscious worries but they need to be dug up and talked about. The minute you resolve the problems, the ring will turn up. It may only be a small thing that can be quickly dealt with but it must be fixed. To do this, you and your fiance have to be completely honest about the situation with each other and admit to any doubts or difficulties.

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