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    I want to ask for an outside opinion on my spread. I've used a 5-card star spread with the thoth deck.

    position 1- 7-cups (debauchery)

    position 2- hanged man

    position 3- 2 swords (peace)

    position 4- 8 swords (interference)

    position 5 -6 wands (victory)

    position 1 represents the nature of the problem. positions 2 and 3 are things to consider. position 4 is advice or comment and position 5 is the outcome.

  • To help us focus, what was your question?

  • About a recently broken up relationship. I am hoping he'll change his mind.

  • When I see the 7 of cups as the nature of the problem, the person involved is emotionally upset and trying to make sense of all the events that just happened.

    Position 2 and 3, Hanged Man and 2 of Swords as things to consider.....perhaps there was a tendency to be obsessive over something and these 2 cards are suggesting to gain a more understanding of the problem and be more sensitive and receptive to what really happened. I see the Hanged Man as one who searches the shadows of his inner life to gain a sense of balance. Hanged Man people can feel things with such a depth of emotion they can exhaust themself. That's why I think they are seekers, wanting to develop their inner spiritual nature. This could represent you, him or both. The two of swords represents balance. Calming the emotions we can see the truth between the polar opposites.

    Position 4 is the advice - 8 of swords. In the rider waite deck we see a bound and blindfolded woman standing amidst 8 swords. This card could mean the person involved does not recognize their own power to think or act. Perhaps others have been interfering with their power to think and act. .

    This card could be suggesting to not let the past influence the way your feeling now. Certain behaviors either get us what we want, or they deprive us of what we want. THis card may ask you or him to look at the what just happened and analyze the barrage of information that gripping you so tightly right now.

    The six of wands, the outcome could suggest if you follow the steps suggested, your emotional feelings can be overcome and will reflect the answer to your question. What can get six of wands people in trouble is their high principles....they won't budge if they think they're right. Don't defend your ideas against his...pride is one of the seven sins. Use your instincts and your intuition to see through your situation.

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  • Your welcome! I'm sure others will help you with this too. :))

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