Too creeped out to sleep

  • ya'll. i just had the creepiest conversation ever...

    a little background: before i moved to my current coastal SC community i lived in a very popular tourist beach town. my last 2 weeks in said town were spent staying in a friend of mine's condo which was 2 blocks from the beach.(i knew the place was too good to be true...) i knew said friend was a "sensitive" soul (she is a cancer as well, we identified on many things). but i didn't find out how sensitive until just now.

    she just moved down to florida. had a terrible bout of luck with her condo burning. she opened up and told me she thinks it was the demon that lived there. come again? so i started thinking about the time i spent there. i brought up the fact that the closet in the guest room i stayed in creeped me out to no end and kept me awake, the fact that i felt watched in the bathroom (coincidentally, the brightest place in the whole house...and here i thought it was just the 70s lighting...), and that i tended to get "vertigo" on the stairs....

    she came out and told me she thought that closet was where the demon liked to stay, she also felt watched in the bathroom, and on more than one occasion "something" tried to push her down the stairs. there was also a porcelain doll in that closet that she put in there b/c it creeped her out. i swear, the blood rushed to my feet. i remember that damn doll and i remember seeing it in said scary closet and it's eyes creeping me out. i only opened that damn door once. i have the chills thinking about it...she also told me that while her cousin lived in said guest room she got freaked out b/c something was physically holding her down. she also told me one night she couldn't sleep and as she was getting into bed she heard something whisper "the devil is coming". also, a couple of her friends who spent lots of time over at the condo turned on her for no apparant reason. she also concluded this to be work of said "demon".

    i have never had any "paranormal" experiences per say and until this point thought i was very oblivious. she tells me i have "intuition" if i ever fall asleep tonight i am sure i will have some "colorful" dreams. it's one thing to deal with ghosts (i suppose) but demons? i still have the chills. several things she said made my blood rush to my feet, apparantly she had the same reaction to things i told her. mind you, these experiences were 3 years ago but once she started opening up, it all came rushing back to me the way i felt in that place. i remember the air being very heavy (it was an older condo all 70's themed out....i assumed that's what it was....)

    i asked her if she thought the thing was attached to her or the property, and she said it was the property. she tried to feng shui and cleanse the place and that's what pissed the entity off. i've always believed that there are things that are here with us that we cannot see or understand, i just never want to come face to face with one. there will be no sleep in my near future...i just brushed those feelings off and didn't think twice. haha i was like omg why didn't you give me a heads up your place was haunted? she replied, well it's not really something you want to tell your houseguests. i am still in shock....

  • Funny!

  • crazy is more like it! lol

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