Thank you shuabby...

  • hey shuabby

    hopefully you get a chance to see this

    i just wanted to thank you for your reading:

    Hello 1chelle,

    You will have an excellent time for education in 2011, the doors will open like magic for you because the timing is right to pursue higher education that will lead you into that business and more. You will also have an affair of the heart with life in 2011 as you will expand your horizons and accept only the best from the love arena. You will know what you want and will not settle for anything less, not to say that you will not date a few inbetween, it feels like that special someone will be coming into the sunrise of your life when you least expect it and will be most open to it. Busy new year for you one in which no fairy tales will do, only the real thing.

    rad school is looking more and more like a possibility...just hoping the funding will be there 😉

    on the relationship front

    still having to deal with the last one's pouting but i am doing my best to stay away

    yes there have been a few around and a lot of past ones coming out of the wood worx-- not sure what that is all about but i have been moving forward and not looking back

    i did have one promise me the "fairy tale" you mentioned and i wanted to believe him but right now he doesn't seem very trustworthy

    so i am assuming i will still meet that one when i am not looking for it 😉

    i hope all is well with you and your move went/ is going well

    i used to live in tx too-- i didn't like it at all as i am a california girl

    but it wor for some and if the jobs are there -- i guess that is what is what is most important

    i hope your private reading biz is going well

    glad to see you haven't 4gotten about us common folks here though 😉

    have a wonderful weekend and a healthy prosperous twenty- eleven

    even if you may not have always felt it your presence was and is appreciated

    peace and blessings to you 😉

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