New man in my life, is he worth it? READING pls

  • thank you for reading this post.

    i met a man weeks ago. im having a lot of trouble with my trust issues. I try to push him away because i feel i need more time for "self growth" but it may be thar im simply afraid to trust someone with my heart.

    i just want reinsurance that he is worth persuing. or not? i know "the one" is near in entering my life, or is it him? (steven )

    I thank you a head of time.



  • Hi Sweet for your question my cards give me - The Chariot - which is a card of self-confidence and control. Whatever those words mean for you The Chariot also means Victory! To attain victory you must possess strength, patience, and compassion, and deal calmly with frustration. My advice is to use all these elements and work with your inner tuition, then the strength of your love and union with this man will be demonstrated only by maintaining your composure and taking the time necessary to discover if indeed you can open up to be more trusting to this person.

    Try to understand what others are feeling! Open up and do not be afraid to ask questions.

  • BeginnerTorot,

    thank you for taking the tim to reply to my post. 😃

    That is great advice.! streength, patience and compasion is what my intuision also points out.

    it also points out that a deep emotional connection can and already in the works. 😃 heheheim

    im going to sound shallow, but his a strugling actor and my love for name brands is going to be compramised.. i feel like my income may be the only stable income. And im not use to that. THATS A BIG PROBLEM.

  • This post is deleted!

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