Can someone please help interpret my relationship reading

  • 1 Seven of coins

    2 Knight of coins

    3 Death

    4 Three of wands

    5 Devil

  • I see from other posts that death and the devil in a reading might indicate the end of the relationship? The positions are:

    Self: 7 coins

    Situation: Death

    Significant other: Knight coins

    Advice: 3 wands

    Potential: Devil

    We have been together 5 years and had our ups and downs. I feel that for me its mostly downs at the moment. I`m confused by tarot as it all seems so ambiguous. Does this make it any clearer?


  • Elle - what was the question you asked? When you have the Devil in the potential it may mean that you have guilt involved if the advice is followed. The three of wands can mean another person is involved in the situation. So it depends on the question you asked.

  • Thanks Paulaj

    The question was would I better to leave him. Yes there is another person involved in the situation, his freind who is always there wherever we go! It used to be that now and then he came home with us, they would be up all night maybe go out the next day etc. Apparently its a man thing he doesnt see any harm in it. I didnt mind this but it has become the norm, Ive told him how unhappy I am but he just thinks Im trying to change/control him! Im sure theres no other woman involved but its no fun for me and its spoiling an other wise good relationship.

    Thanks again


  • elle,

    You know the answer to your question. But you don't want to see it. Understandable, especially if you've been in this relationship for some time. From what I've read, this man is immature and self-absorbed and you have grown beyond the relationship. Give him an ultimatum. If he persists in putting himself above the relationship--leave. You will have saved yourself a mountain of misery. Love yourself. Take care....

  • Thanks

    I plan to give it a bit longer to see if things change. I dont see this happening though. In the meantime I am making plans for somewhere to live. I know it will break my heart to leave and he doesnt want us to split either but I wont be treated like this. Such a shame because he is lovely guy except for this selfish streak which is his downfall. I will try to be positive and look forward to a better life as you say without the misery!

    Thanks so much for your honesty

    Ell x

  • Hi elle4, wow you are really going through it aren't you! relationships are hard but only as hard as you want to make it really, trying to control the situation with ultimatums etc is not the way to proceed, you firstly have to let go of the outcome or the worry associated with this, any decisions you make should not be rushed or hurried, you are in fact reacting to the fear that your boyfriend is moving away from you, but is that true?

    Try sitting with your own feelings for a while without putting any more pressure on yourself or your relationship, look deep within, clarify your fears and find calm and compassion for both yourself and your partner. When time is appropriate sit down with your boyfriend and tell him how you FEEL! what your fears are etc, don't give him ultimatums! give him the space to respond to you in his own time also as he will possibly need to address why he is hanging out with his friend more etc, then it will really come down to him and what he wants out of the relationship, a lot of times these problems/fears arise when we hit a deeper level of commitment, but in the end it is up to him to be honest with himself as much as with you as to where he wants the relationship to go next. When the bones of that situation are laid bare then you can re-assess, Good luck and remember deep breaths and quiet contemplation are key here.

  • Ok here's how I see it - especially with your added information. With the Death card in your situation, you have some changes to make. It looks like you want to make some changes and move on for the better of YOUR life. With that card, however, combined with the devil - maybe he's feeling guilt? The Devil usually means an addiction to something or someone - maybe his BFF? - which would definitely explain the 3 of wands. He's there - but he's definitely feeling guilty about something. This only means that if your relationship continues on the path it's headed now (without you changing anything) than things will stay the same.

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