Blue Rays Ascension

  • For those of you who are undergoing the ascension process ans suspect you have been or are in the void, this is a thread where we can post visions, knowing and etc while going through this portion of the ascension as not to overwhelm others in various posts. Feel free to join in to share your experiences.


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  • Well i found it now it will be easy for me to come to it i look forward to being able to share here i hope you have had a chance to read some of the other writings i have posted ,i am not much of a writer but i do the best i can and i am also like you i have a hard time putting things into words.

    What part of the country or world are you in ? Are you man or women sorry i am just curious ,right now i am in Oklahoma north central about 16 miles from Kansas but my home town is Weatherford Texas and i am 59 years old and i know this sounds funny but when i am writing like now i hear my words or saying them in my head as i write and to me i sound like i am around early thirties and it is hard for me to see me at the age i am now in my minds eye, but i look in the mirror and see reality but Andrea had told me several months back we would be getting younger as our bodies changed anyway i will talk later own these things Tooter

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  • I would suggest watching all 7 it is very informative to what is going own in our world today and a lot of the whys but most important is the answer . Love Tooter

  • HI Tooter,

    I live in Tennessee pretty close to the Alabama state line. I am a 37 year old woman with a 7 year old daughter. In regards to what you posted on the Blue Ray sight, yes I also feel there will be much change and shifts in the earth which will have somewhat catastrophic events. My feelings are that this polar shift will cause land masses to rise from the see and others to sink ( earthquakes and volcanos), when the plates shift like this it can also cause Tidal Waves, sunami's and such. There is something of a planetary or solar system nature that will cause what I call the dark days. Not sure yet if it is the planteray alignment or some kind of unusual eclipse or really what but the earth will be dark for a short period. This short period will seem like it is much longer than it really is.

    What is so ironic is that this knowledge seems to come forth more naturally than the readings I have been attempting the past few days and not quite as drained so quickly. I am being drawn to read some now, but did not realize the number of requests that would come in so quickly in a short period of time. It is part of my path I feel I am being called to do at this time, but the other part has to do with the ascension which I am greatly drawn to.

    There are things that some of us are seeing, feeling, or experiencing that many are not quite comfortable and ready to hearing the message yet. I am not certain as to what dimension or level I am currently that you speak of but so much about this Blue Ray rings true in my life. It is like my awakening lead me to one thing, then another kind of like peeling away the layers of an onion. Around the time I moved back from Atlanta, I had my encounter with the Akashic records and the celestial being I spoke with. I really feel like that day I asked something that carries great wieght and responsibility with it because I remember the celestial being asking me if I was sure I understood the responsibilities that came with such as request. I agreed I did and remember being guided down a hall to a room where I went down what I call the threads of light and did sometype of weaving of life threads. First I traveled each thread to see where they went, and remember thinking I must be careful as this affects things in the future. I remember the threads where made of delicate etherial rays of shining light. I do not feel that they were of my own for some reason..

    It was like that day I rededicated myself or took an oath of some sort to serve the light. Now around 2-3 years later, I decide to post online around a month ago for a reading for my soulmate to see if I was picking up as what my gut was telling me was making me nervous. Not sure if he and I are meant to be together long term yet or if it is to do some healing and learning in the area of love. Now I am trying to look deeply inside to try to seperate my emotions from my intuition as they appear to be in conflict on this.

    I will definitely read your older posts and let you know if I pick up on anything. I know the one you posted on a thread Poetic posted about crystals or something about the tribe of many colors really brought about some awakening for me. It was I guess some form of external validation of some of the things I had a gut feeling about.

    It's like I absorb information and have to back away and integrate it. It seems to be happening so fast at times and at like I get stumped and go around and around on certain questions and like I hit a brick wall and the asnwers I seek do not come. Then I become ok with that, then the process starts again..

    Got to run to put the little one to sleep. How are things on your end?


  • Julianna,

    What are you picking up on the ascension process on your end? Also, in regards to your reading request, it may take me some time to work through all of the requests as I am kind of new at these kind of readings and rather slow... I tend to pick up on spiritual and healing a lot more so far than other areas.


  • GrayStar hope you got the little one down i am fixing to go to bed myself i have to get up at 5 and GrayStar i am to give a warring about the US when a certain event happens i was concerned about Captain also and was informed once this event happens they have 3 days before a lot happens there, but things can change but i have been getting this in parts for over 12 years but then about 3 years ago i got a lot of the US picture but i haven't got any waking visions in a while except the warnings i posted on the forum but i have also got the rest of what will be in the US and part of Canada, Michael said no to putting this own the forum not until this event happens and that darkness suppose to last 3 days but it will seem like eternity and those of the light will be guides in the darkness our plate will be full there will be so many lost and our job will be to help them connect to the light and it will be a great time of sorrow and fear but it will be a new beginning of Heaven here own Earth , i will try to get some more answers on this but the pace is picking up fast i will try talking tomorrow love Tooter

  • Hey, I will definetly stay posted, I hope we don't have tsunami's in Florida. I read a channel where Arch Angel Michael I believe it was also spoke about the days of darkness, it's posted here somewhere, there will no electricity grids working so, no elec, no banks, atms gas, food, just like after a hurricane, well I said I needed to hide cash in the house and stock up on non pershble food.

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  • :), It's gonna be okay, I was not sleeping either, I prayed to God to please let me sleep better and it's working. Good Luck, chica.

  • angel hugs

    Grey star I posted this morning and it has disappeared.


  • GrayStar After reading you reply i noticed something my description of Andrea she is 37 years old about 5ft 5 or 6 has light brown hair kinda a reddish cast a little past her shoulders slender about 128 lbs has a slender face and she has a 7 year old blond headed daughter this was when i first met her so i figure her daughter has had a birthday or is fixing to have one but Andrea also has teal green eyes .

    What i have found out about a soul mate is someone you have a lot in common and are compatible almost like a glove but our higher self or twin flame is our other half and for twin flames to come together in the same lifetime is very rare they told me Andrea had to be prepared for this to happen how i do not know but 3 weeks went by and i finally heard from Michael and he said she had left to come and be with me . Now i do not know how this was to all take place but i got very up set over her not coming then Michael informed me and so did Andrea that she has to wake up and Andrea had been trying to get threw to her with information , but also Father will not override anyone's will or freedom of choice .

    If these numbers mean any thing to you we need to have a serious talk LOL they are 4035827817, I ask Andrea if she would look like this here and she said yes she is very pretty .

    Most people would think i am nuts but it dont really matter what matters is what i be leave and be leave me i have had some serious doubts but i can not forget this happen while i was a wake and what i felt in my heart is what keeps me going .

    I will try writing some more a little later i am going to go get me some thing to eat we suppose to have anywhere from 9 to 18 inches of snow tonight with freezing rain so tomorrow is going to be fun LOL anyway later, Love Tooter

  • Wow Tooter,

    The posts you find on the web are very enlightening. I have a feeling it will continue to awaken for days. I was in need of inspiration today. Thank you so much for sharing those links. The Lotus, the chakras, the sacred geometry...very inspiring.


  • Tooter,

    I am 37, and 5 ft 5. I have blue eyes though and have not been 128 lbs since I was in college. That was my stable weight much in my youth. My hair is naturally a medium brown with reddish undertones, but began to turn grey when I was 14 years of age so I began to dye my hair. I cut my hair to shoulder length over a year ago. Until that time I had hair below my shoulders or to the middle of my back. It is a lighter brown with some reddish hues to it. My daughter on the other hand is 7 and will turn 8 in November. My birth month is December. My daugher's eyes are blue/green and tend to change between the two colors somewhat with what she wears. My daughter just confirmed another gift tonight which is one reason I was in need of inspiration... Bless her little heart she means well to try to help with what has been transpiring between my soul mate and myself but I think the dynamics of a relationship are beyond her understanding which is advanced for her age. She told me out of the blue she could read minds. Her father has seen her move an object at his house but I have never saw this. She can locate missing items that she would have no good idea really where they were lost. She also has the gift of foresight in her dreams. Some seem to come forth as deaths that will occur in the family in the future as her father has this gifts and I suspect some prophetic type dreams that seem to scare her. She seems overly worried some bad guy will always try to get her or me and try to kill me. Not sure where this fear originates from for sure but it seems pretty strong. She also said something to me the other morning that was really odd after I have been talking with so many about the ascension but I was uncertain to the meaning...She said she was an angel that fell at one time (?fallen angel) and God rose her back to heaven. She could not really explain much more than that but it was one of those out of the blue comments. Hence a very important reason I must learn to harness my abilities better in order to teach her properly as if she runs across some of the things I did in my awakening it will scare her. She has already picked up on a bad spirit of some sort at our old house we used to live in. One night I actually saw the woman in bad form. She kept calling what scared her a bad witch. The woman was blonde hair either of a length that her hair looked wavy under the hood of a red cloak or she had curly hair. The house was around a 100 years old,but I know several people I knew that were sensitive to these things picked up on a bad vibe at the house...and some would end up with a sprained ankle or etc if they came to help with the house. We were sick and somewhat drained the short time we lived there.

    I had something weird happen I think while I was married or while engaged over the astral...time tends to run together there. Something I would kind of be embarrassed to post here... well even if that was possible there... I think I do a lot of traveling and work of such in my sleep and sometimes have a vision or pieces of remembrance from there. I will meditate on what you have mentioned further to see if I pick anything up.

    I think my best friend who is like a sister was who a psychic indicated was my twin flame.. My exhusband and soul mate I am with now were soul mates. The psychic I spoke with was uncertain if the guy I was currently with was a heart mate or if we were brought together for healing. I know each fear I have had about love is being brought forth with the guy I have been is as if I am doing much growing and healing and apparently causing the same in him.

    I originally posted asking about soul mate advice on this sight to try to figure out if my soul mate was meant to be a more permanent thing. As the Captain and myself went back and forth in threads it was brought to my attention that in this instance that my emotions and intuition were in conflict. I have been pulling away some to try to look deeper to see if I can seperate which is which. I know I could look truly and know but do not feel that this is appropriate as it would be for personal benefit and want to respect privacy in that area as I feel I should. That is not why I was given this gift, so I am trying to meditate on it to seperate emotion from intuition which is apparently not very easy.

    On and off between the growing, I have been trying to make sense of my past lives, this soul mate connection, and why I would have chosen to reenter this life time at a point where I would come back to challenging love relationships. In the end, I somehow wonder if it might be tied to the ascension and the unconditional love needed to do the work that is necessary when the time comes. Not sure I was telling you all this as I tend to be more private person in this area. I can say I am a bit confused in the area of my love life at this time..A month ago I was pretty sure where it was going and now....I am not certain..

    I will think more on the posts you have mentioned above as well as the numbers. Defintely much to ponder on. Strange it comes at a time where I was in need of inspiration. The universe works in mysterious ways.


  • Julianna,

    That is the strangest thing. I read your post during lunch today and now it is not there. I see what you are saying now. Defintely something to think about.


  • Poetic,

    Is it very often that posts disappear the same day on this site?

  • Sometimes they just dissapear! Your daughter is extremely gifted as she has your gifts and her fathers, she will be very powerful, already is, amazing. Sometimes if you hit the refresh buttons your posting will be there, I hate when that happens.

    I'm thinking your love life is exactly what you stated, either a lesson in un-conditional love which helps both of you to grow possibly or some sort of path for either or both of you. I read that quite often we are put with people who may be our total opposites but they may be in our lives to teach us something. I don't believe I have a soul mate, if so never met them, hmmm try asking your guide out loud what is the lesson in this relationship? And maybe the first thing that comes to mind is the answer. 🙂

    With my husband we are oil and water but he is sometimes right and I'm often wrong but we both think we know it all!

  • angel hugs with flower petals

    Grey star, I thought I was losing my mind again. I have gone through a number of sites to see if I had posted on a different site.


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