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    Yea, I know, another young one for me! LOL I don't know what's going on here lately with me being attracted to younger guys and them being attracted to me. LOL

  • There is often a feeling of rightness about this relationship, a sense that it has achieved a certain balance and appropriateness. There is an easy balance between the ethereal and physical poles of existence, and you two have a good feeling for timing and the right moment to take action. You will seldom have to strain to achieve your shared goals and can ride the wave of inevitability and kismet.

    This relationship often fosters a need for justice and for righting wrongs. It will work to bring everyone it encounters their just rewards or desserts, including the two of you yourselves. You two will deal severely with anyone who desecrates beauty or undermines harmony. If your relationship ends up in marriage (and you two can make good spouses), this tendency can be seen by other people as giving with one hand and chastising with the other. If tendencies to be judgmental and to claim infallibility here are not kept under control, the relationship may wind up dispelling the atmosphere of fairness it sets out to create. There will be few problems with vagueness, indecision or miscommunication in the relationship. Some power may have to be relinquished though if harmony is to rule. Be more open and forgiving.

  • My brain is fried today. I lost my job earlier. Can you put that in lamens terms please? Thanks

  • It can work very well if you both practise fairness and non-judgment.

  • Ok, now that makes sense. Thanks

  • Captain---The thing is though that he is more like a virgo more than a leo. He's laid back and easy going like a virgo. Not aggressive at all like a leo. hmmm

  • Well, there's upfront aggression and there's more subtle forms of aggression. Defiance and rebellion can be quiet but nonetheless determined.

  • He just doesn't show any forms of aggression or defiance.

  • Not that you see - he keeps his darker side to himself when he is with you. But others have seen it.

  • Wonder how long it will take for him to show it and under what circumstances it would take for him to show it. Do Leos have a tendency to pull away often?

  • That depends on whether he feels you are giving him enough attention and love or not.

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