Relationship reading

  • Any one free to give a relationship reading please, can do one in return, need some help!!!!!

  • What are the birthdates?

  • my birthdate is 21st April 1982 🙂

  • sorry his is 12 feb 1985, its complicated with him. Am wondering if i will ever meet mr cards are confusing me right now, maybe because im muddled with my love life. This is the guy i really like but i am dating someone else, dont think i want it to go anywhere. My cards are telling me that the guy i like whos birthdate is Feb is stressing about commiting but does like me....but im being biased when i read my outcome cards. Any help is appreciated 🙂 even in guidance with how to read my own cards. Thanks 🙂

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  • This relationship is best for a love affair, but worst for marriage. It is physical and sensuous and may feature an interest in current events and social affairs. Romantically and sexually it can blaze like a house on fire, at least for awhile; in fact, romance and a dreamlike quality give it a soft warm glow. There is a significant danger however that the two of you will get caught up in seeking a perfect vision of a relationship rather than dealing with the realities of one.

    You Temperance are fascinated by your friend's colourful personality and you may find him romantically irresistible. Your friend for his part can find your particular brand of sexuality extremely rich and rewarding. A problem with a long term relationship between you is that your friend's need for attention and affection is monumental. Since you often have other things to do, you may find his demands tiring or wearing, particularly after a hard day's work. Also your friend will tend to accuse you of things of which he himself is guilty. Projection is a key word here. A lot of the time, your friend will be exciting, bubbly and happy, but when you (a master of reality) see through the haze of unreality behind these positive attitudes, you may become judgmental and critical of his optimism, and then trouble is likely not far off. Your friend will come to feel you always throw a damper over his enthusiasm. The resulting dark moods, anger and outbursts from his shadow side may only fuel the fire further. Marriage or a permanent living situation between you therefore is likely to be unworkable.

  • u confirmed my suspicions, thanks a lot. Ur dead on the money, its very much a sexual attraction and i find him irresistable but doubt if it has any real substance to it to last, he did put huge demands on my time. we arn't dating any more but can't seem to keep away from each other so maybe i just have to wait for this one to fizzle out...Thanks a lot again Captain 🙂

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