Compatibility ? for captain. watergirl, blmoon, whoever :)

  • hey ya'll. i have been flirting with a libra i work with. he has obviously had a crush on me for a while, but for the first time since my last relationship i think i could like this guy? what do ya'll have to say about cancers and libras? b/c my previous 2 relationships were with a cancer and an aquarius, and i somehow managed to pop back to the surface after drowning in all that water. just curious as to what insight i may receive 🙂

    peace and love,


  • I think you are just flattered by his attentions more than anything. After some bad relationships, it's normal that you want to feel good about yourself. But that's not a good reason to have a relationship with someone. Be fair - don't lead this guy on if you really don't feel anything for him.

  • aw. he is a sweetheart. maybe that's why i feel the way i do. haha. i do like him, i just don't think i should jump into anything right now. i don't know what the heck i'm doing. the more i get to know him the more i like him but you are always right, captain....

  • No, it's your gut feelings that are always right so listen to them first, and not your emotions or needs.

  • touche...haha but i was also hesitant about that ex we will not speak of this year. and though it turned out like it did, i wouldn't change anything. the first couple times i hung out with this new dude i guarded myself b/c he is someone i could end up really liking. i'm just not sure about the timing. it wasn't until recently that i got over the other one, and i have too much on my plate right now as it is. i will keep your advice in mind, for i would not want to hurt mr. libra nor lead him on. just when it seems things are getting un-complicated here he comes....geez....hopefully if nothing else we could be really good friends. he has such a sweet personality and makes me laugh. timing...

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