In A Bit Of Uneasiness (Help Captain)

  • Well Ive Have a Inner Issue Thats Been Putting A Block Between Me And Other Ppl. After A Relationship Ive Been Suffering Trust Issues And Self esteem Issues That I Just Cant Seem To Shake Off. I Dont Know Where To Begin. Its Kinda Hindering My Work At My Job. They Are Thinking About Promoting Me But Because Of My Issues( Which Is In Plain Sight, They All Noticed It Before I Can Even Say Anything About It) They Reconsider. I Want Something I Can Put My Heart And Soul Into But Because Of These Issues Ive Been Holding Myself Back. Im In Need Of Insight. Thanx

  • Sammy, you gotta realise that you can't play games with or manipulate people to test your power over them. Otherwise all your relationships will turn sour. And bad boys really are BAD boys - and bad partners. Your desire to be taken care of can lead you into an unending search for security and reassurance and someone to depend on. Take charge of your own life and build your own inner security by achieving everything you want in life. You are doing it all the wrong way round - first, you must take a risk and go for what you want, THEN the sense of security, self-esteem and self-confidence follows, not vice versa. By running around thinking you need security and someone to take care of you before you can be a responsible adult and take charge of your life, you will always be searching and never finding what you really want.

    Now you are perfectly suited to a promotion - you have the personality and talent to be a boss - so pull yourself together and go for it.

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