The Captain; Anyone..HELP with PIsces Man PLEASE

  • I am new here, and I'm hoping somsone can help me. I am a Pisces female who recently started dating a Pisces male, and I am utterly confused and frustrated. We met online just afer Christmas, and were equally smitten with each other. By the 2nd date (New Years Eve) he was insistant that we date exclusively, and set out on a task to win me over. I was hesistant and tried to convince him that we take things slowly before agreeing to be exclusive, but he was telling me how he was interested in pursuing a long term relationship with me. etc. Well, things started off great, but soon, he exhibited moodiness and lately we've been having spats.

    Last weekend we had a huge blow-out after he disappeared and ignored my calls and text messages. Long story short, he didn't come home Saturday night, but swears he was working a double shift, which he sometimes does. I accused him of being with someone else because he's never not answered my calls. Besides, he sent me a text saying, "at movies with son", when I actually found out he never took his son to the movies. Trust me, I'm no fool. At this stage, if he is seeing someone else I'd rather find out now and end it before more time passes.

    Since he adamantly denies being with anyone else I just decided to step back and withdraw emotionally in order to protect myself. I guess I have and told myself i'm not going to invest anything into him unless/until I see for sure that he is sincere and committed to being with me, as he claims to be. But slowly, he's reeling me back in with his charm, and I have continued talking to him. I have only seen him once since this incident, but he is insistant that we are still together and he didn't cheat. We'd planned to get away next weekend for the Superbowl and have a nice cabin in the mountains reserved for the weekend. He keeps talking about how he can't wait to go and be alone with me, yet I can't help but doubt him based on his wishy-washy ways. I mean, on one hand he's talking about going away next weekend, but on the other, he gets irritated over small stuff and it leads to an argument .

    Last night, I told him we were done because I refuse to deal with this smart mouth and sneekiness-especially when I dont treat him that way. This morning, he called and texted apologizing and telling me he wants to work it out and he is willing to do specific things, like point out when he feels I am "baiting" him instead of reacting with sarcasim like he normally does.

    I need some insight. What is up with this man? he was born 2/22/69 and I was born 3/4/71. Ive never dated a Pisces man before but I've read that they are extremely difficult to deal with. Is this man full of bull#@% or is he trying to work though his own insecurities? Should I cut my losses and run or is this worth sticking it out for??

    ANY psychic, astrologic insight would be greatly appreciated.


    I'd like some insight please. I've never dated a Pisces male before, but I've recently read that they are the most difficult men to deal with (as I see for myself). What is up with this man? Is he full of bull or just feeling things out? Should I cut d run or is this worth sticking it out for?

  • According to your astrological profiles,

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  • According to your astrological profiles, this relationship works better for friendship than love. There is lots of energy here. The focus of this matchup is a kind of steady stream of emotional expression which seems inexhaustible. You two can go on producing or contributing for years on end without getting tired or running yourselves into the ground. Rather than feeling stressed or pushing obstacles aside, you seem to be able to plug into some kind of universal energy source that carries you along with little effort.

    A love affair or marriage here is rarely calm, since in this type of intimate relationship, you both provoke and overreact to each other. These responses are hardly positive ones and, in order to begin to diminish them, each of you may have to concentrate hard on becoming less sensitive, making your buttons more difficult to push or even growing a whole new set. But it sounds like your friend just can't be bothered.

    Friendship flows much easier between you. You can share an involvement or interest in artistic pursuits, especially music, dance and the performing arts. Your creativity together is high and will not imitate anyone else's style. Because as friends you two are not romantically involved, your relationship can be more objective and less heated.

    Psychic reading: I just feel this guy doesn't want anything too responsible or committed in a relationship with you. He fantasizes about his perfect partner, thinks he's found it and rushes into a relationship without giving it enough thought, and then gets all disillusioned when the other person fails to live up to his impossible dreams. I feel he is still looking for that person and has decided to have fun with you until 'she' turns up. You deserve someone who will give you more attention and commitment. Let him know how you feel.

  • THANKS much for your insight. I have been taking babysteps in pulling away from him, but it seems the more I do, he more he holds on. I will begin taking leaps in the opposite direction.

  • Yes, his expectations are far too unreasonable - he wants a woman who will let him come and go as he pleases, give him whatever he wants, and not complain or demand if he leaves her alone a lot. He wants someone 'built' according to his rules and desires, and doesn't want to compromise. But a good relationship involves some compromise and doing for the other person. Until he learns this, he will not be happy or content with anyone.

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