What should I do

  • I been knowing this girl more than 5 years now.. we was always good friends but we just started to get close.. long story short we go out together and text and talk to each other daily we have fun.... I told her that I like her and that I feel for her but when I ask if we should start dating she says she not ready for that now... so Im stuck in the friend zone.... as a sitting duck I want to wait but the worst fear is that if I wait and when she comes around and Im not the one I be the one left lonely at the end hurt which im trying to avoid... idk if i should give her total space she said we can we remain good friends.... but how hard that is when you like someone that feeling is always there.. so im stuck in the cross roads GIVE UP or to wait and waiting is going to be hard...

  • I would keep her as a friend but date other people. I am feeling this girl is just not as into you as you are for her.

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