Can anyone help me with this reading??

  • Hi,

    I pulled cards for a general reading over the next 3 months with a focus on love, career and finances but i'm a little confused as i'm trying to interpret it. I used the rider waite deck and the celtic cross spread. My birthday is june 14th 1971

    situation: Chariot

    Crossing : Justice

    Conscious: 2 cups

    sub conscious: page cups

    past: king cups

    Near future: 7 wands

    advice: knight swords

    environment: 8 swords

    Hopes and wishes: World

    outcome: knight pentacles

    I think that there is a big decision to be made regarding this to do with the relationship from the king of cups in the past? The near future will be tough from the 7 of wands, but i'm not sure what the knight of swords means as advice or what the reason for feeling trapped is, from the 8 of swords. Is the knight of pentacles as the outcome tied to the two of cups???

    Would love some help.....thanks in advance 🙂

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