I really need some spiritual advice....

  • I haven't been on here in a long while, but things in my life are so unsettled and I feel like everything, no matter how hard I try, is out of my control. Would anyone be able to do a reading for me to help me through this very rough time? I would be so appreciative of any guidance you give me.

    Thank you very much,


  • What areas of your life do you feel need more control?

  • My love life and work/financial.

  • What exactly is your situation with your work and love life? What is it you want to change about it?

  • With my work situation, I had been unemployed for about a year and an opportunity came up for me in a big retail store. I never wanted to go back into retail, but felt there were things pointing the way for me to take this job, so I did. But everything that was basically promised to me has not come to fruition and won't for a while longer (there is still the possibility that those things will happen, just not in the immediate future). In the meantime, I go further into debt. As far as my love life, I have been talking to a guy online and have developed very strong feelings for him, but we have been on roller coaster. He says that he has very strong feelings for me (even mentioned love) and has never felt such a strong connection with anyone before and he thinks we must have been together in past lives. He is gong through a very rough patch also, and as I mentioned, we've been on an emotional roller coaster. I would like to change both my work and love life situations to finally be what I want them to be.

  • If money was not an issue, what sort of work would you do? What is your passion?

  • That is a very difficult question. I would love to do something that let's me use both sides of my brain. I love to be creative, I enjoy helping people and I'm very analytical. Having a job that would allow all 3 of those things would be heaven for me.

  • Butterfly, I feel that you can be rather impractical and flighty in your approach to either work or love. You need to take your head out of the clouds and plant your feet on the ground if you want to find workable solutions to your problems. Mental discipline is what you must apply to your life. I feel you can be easily distracted from your goals. Try setting realistic tangible short-term goals so that you can at least feel a modest sense of achievement that comes from a little planning and dedicated effort. You have the sort of creative energy, compassion, healing ability, and fertile imagination to work in many areas.

    Grounding is what you need to find success in life. I feel you find it hard to fit into society's ideas of what is 'normal' and can find routines and ordinary jobs very dull. You must do what makes you feel enthusiastic and fired up. You may even have mixed feelings about being successful if it means working 9 to 5, travelling in the commuter rush, and keeping to deadlines etc. Your high ideals can mean you have trouble finding work that is meaningful enough to you. Something in the healing professions or in an organization where you can help others would really suit you well.

    You do give off the feeling that you are somewhat of a victim in life and that will attract people who will try to take advantage of you. If you stand up for yourself and hold your head high with pride, no one will treat you like a victim. And when you find meaningful work and good companionship, you will have cause to feel proud.

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  • Captain, thank you very much. You are very right in some of your assessment. Being more focused has come up in a few things recently and I am seriously trying to work on that. I do need to be more grounded sometimes. As far as giving off a victim vibe, I suppose that sometimes I do and you're right, it does attract people who want to take advantage of me and my vulnerability, rather than try to help me. I have had more than my fair share of bad breaks in the last few years and sometimes it's hard not to feel like the victim. I know I'm not the only one going through hard times, but it's hard not to take it personally and not to give in to the sadness and feelings of helplessness. I actually would like a job that has regular "9 to 5" hours, although I do hate a long commute, only because it feels like such a waste of time that could be used more productively. Thank you so much for your insight. Are you able to narrow in on more specific things for me? For example, there's a guy that I'm very interested in.... can you give insight on him and our possibilities?

  • Someone on here once told me that creative people need to evolve and create and get very restless and bogged down with a routine (like me). So I am not sure a 9 to 5 would be a good thing if you want to be creative in your work. Your best bet is doing something which you are naturally good at because then you will also enjoy it. No insight in your love life, my advice would be - if you want it go get it or else just sit back and watch the opportunity float by. And ground yourself every so often. Creative people tend to get los in the clouds a lot.

  • What is this guy's birthdate or do you have a photo of him?

  • Thank you for your input, Paddlfluff. I really appreciate it. I definitely don't want the opportunity to float by.

    Captain, my birthdate is 5/23/60 and his is 8/23/74. I could possibly get a picture of him from the website we met on or Facebook.

  • Butterfly, I am picking up vibes of deception in this relationship - someone is not portraying themselves as they really are so be careful if it is him or even yourself. Nothing good will ever come froom dishonesty in a relationship.

    Your matchup is unusual in many ways - how you meet, the speed with which your relationship develops, and the experiential byways you explore together are seldom ordinary. The relationship's focus too is likely to be unconventional - quirky even bizarre elements can emerge here. Fate often brings you two together and you may feel like you have known each other before, perhaps in another lifetime. The relationship in some way will not be socially acceptable and you two may feel you have to conduct your affair in secrecy. You are drawn to each other like magnets, yet the affair can be as short as it is intense. The relationship's weirdness and covert nature may eventually become too uncomfortable for you to endure. Your friend is very secretive anyhow and the relationship magnifies this tendency. Your fears and insecurities can be triggered by this guy and may ultimately lead to a sudden breakup. The danger here is that you may surrender your free will and get entangled in something that turns out to be far from what you wanted in the beginning.

  • There are many elements in your post that are right on the nose. Our relationship is unusual in many ways. I am 14 years older than him and we met online (and have not yet met face to face). We both have very intense feelings for each other and he has told me he loved me and I'm pretty sure I love him. It's very weird since we haven't met face to face yet. He has also brought up the possibility that we have been lovers before in another life or lives (and I tend to agree with him). He has told me that he has never felt such a strong connection with anyone before. Even though he says it doesn't, I think it scares him a little bit. He can be moody (and the I'm the one with the mercurial nature) and will not talk to me for a time and then things are back the way they were. We are usually able to talk about anything, but when he gets in these "freeze me out" moods, it is very hurtful to me. He says that he wants to take his time and not rush things, even though he was the one who told me he loved me. I know he is casually dating another woman, but he says that he does not love her, he loves only me. A big part of me believes him and part of me is skeptical, but I also know there is an intensity here that I have never felt before.

  • And also, he does say that he doesn't want to hurt me. He is going through some tough times right now, too. ANd you're right about the fact that he is secretive sometimes. I don't like that part of him, but I try to chalk it up to the fact that we haven't been face to face yet. I really believe that will be the thing that binds us further... once we can look into each other's eyes. I hope that doesn't sound too dramatic, but it's just my intuition telling me that.

  • butterfly523

    I would trust you are wise enuff to know the dangers of online loves. It would be easy to project "feelings" onto someone. Stand back and look at what you have written here. Be realistic. He's dating another, he's young (maturity?) he says he loves you then "freezes you out". I would be extremely careful not to expect much. The emotional hook is how these work. Put your feet on the ground and see it for what it is not what you would like it to be.

    Good luck


  • He would still be secretive even if you were face-to-face - it's part of his nature and his self-protective armour.

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  • Pfree, I totally understand what you're saying and you're right.... there is a danger of being misled, especially when the relationship starts online. But on the other hand, where do you meet people these days? The lifestyles we lead and the age that I am makes it very difficult to meet guys.

    Captain, in your opinion, do he and I have a shot once we can get past this beginning garbage and will I be able to get past his self protective armour?

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