Dear Bloom

  • Hello, I am new here, I have read some of your readings and you seem so talented.

    I would love a reading from you, if you could. I would like to know what is in store for me this year. Anything you can pick up would be greatly appreciated. Thank you 🙂

  • I pick up change--and frustration. This is a year of mastering perspective. You prefer things make sense and you like to see around the corner more than most--so much so you have a hard time stepping out of your safety zone. It keeps your nervouse system calmer but then you are stuck with this hohum feeling of needing more. You are at that age were you feel more need to find your purpose. This year is a transistion year and will stir things up---you will be bombarded with change as life gives you opportunities to leap into the unknown. Free will is yours to drag your feet but it will only counter push you into situations that force you to deal with that feeling of "free falling" you hate. This will be a busy year and Spirit says to remember mistakes are often not really and you must try things you don't like to know what you do--that is the path to purpose. Your talented in any situation and can hold your own so it's hard to know what is really you--and what is the perfectionist--leader--winner--soldier that doesn't whine and gets it done. The aim is balance as Spirit insists you do not need to be so perfect. You get disapointed easily at yourself over oversights and screw ups--spirit says lighten up and try not to overthink why or feel the need to defend yourself. You imagine others judge you harsher than they do. There is a child spirit who stays close to you. You are competitive but also need playtime--silly playtime--this child is the one who helps you with that and does little mischief that makes you laugh. You often thought the "fairies" or Gnomes" mess with you. It is that same energy. There is a body issue that you fixate on at times that needs attention this year and is part of that lighten up perfectionist balance you seek. You have great stamina--but stress and worry manifests in your back and neck---head aches. Spirit says to be aware when you are gathering this kind of tightness and you need a release to keep it in check. Healthy bursts of energy--dance--running along with stretching and yoga. You are more aware since Cristmas of diet and feeling your best. Sept going into Fall there was a scare and you felt not well. An older woman steps up---has passed over and is in your dreams---is very much part of this years changes. She has a big heart and strong hands---says never let "a thing" break your back. Choose your battles--you worry too much. Very wise woman. I see children around her--she is in center so she was like the anchor in any room--she dominated with a silent power--very strong energy. She is the energy that guides you most this year to help you let go and just do it--sometimes you think too much---imagine all that can go wrong and do not leap as high as you could. Mostly, the message bottom line is learn to be perfect with your imperfections---don't imagine the worst of what others think----keep in touch with body stress issues and pump up that childlike energy--your playfull bliss. BLESSINGS!

  • i am sitting here with my mouth opened at the accuracy of this reading, Bloom!

    Thank you for taking the time to do this reading for me, I appreciate it very much. It all makes so much sense and very accurate, it's amazing. 🙂

  • Thank the Spirit who came through for! You are loved! BLESSINGS

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