OKay anyone really bizarre dream..please help.

  • I am a vivid dreamer. Some times these dreams are extremely frightening and confusing. This one I just woke up from several minutes ago and feel very dizzy and lightheaded...I was in my bedroom I went to pull the chain on the ceiling fan and the whole thing got pulled out of the ceiling and out of it came strands and strands of lights different ones, none lit. In that time my best friend in real life entered and noticed the chaos. There were other things happening, the walls were not like the wall in my room they were a reddish brown color wood and it was like they were breathing. there was something else that had to do with electricity, I noticed the electrical outlets. I was sitting in disbelief with my head down and had something covering my head like a large scarf (not really sure) the walls started to shake and everything was almost in a spinning motion. I felt dizzy, weak, afraid, tired. Also something was working without being plugged in and my friend and I gasped in horror. It was like a weird energy like a polterguist had taken complete control of the room. I have had several dreams about lights but none seem to have a very good connotation. Last week a dream about many many hanging lights in the basement and I walked around turning off the ones that were lit. I think last night I had a light bulb in my hand. What the heck is going on..something is trying to get my attention but what? Why is it getting so frightening. When I woke up I still flt dizzy and quite lethargic...Also thought I was completly awake when this was happening. Very scary real feeling. Please help....

  • Oh also Im not sure if this helps but i had this dream while sleeping next to my son in his bed I fell asleep while getting him to sleep. Hes a little boy 7 years old. been having troubled thoughts about him...does this dream reperesent how he feels about his world perhaps?

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