• my dob is the 21/5/1984

    what can you see for my future

    thanks! 🙂

  • 2011 for you is going to be more about solitude, contemplation, and being alone in order to understand yourself better and why you tend to attract the wrong sort of partners. You need some quiet time to dig deep inside and discover any issues you have against finding real love so that then your future path of romance will become unblocked by any self-created obstacles. This self-awareness process doesn't have to take the whole year if you dedicate yourself to it and work hard at it. If you don't do it, then you will push any prospect of finding true love further into the future. During this time, you will learn how to be alone without being lonely and thus lose any dependence on relationships.

    The sort of issues you need to look into are your stubborn and maybe even combative need to do everything your own way; releasing any old resentments, aggression, or self-pity and starting to see things more objectively; realising that other people do not hinder your ability to be free and that any restrictions you perceive are really just self-defeating thought patterns from your own mind; accepting more love and affection and not being suspicious that they may be a form of subtle subjugation; committing to a relationship with your whole heart and not holding back because you fear losing your freedom or individuality; understanding that thrill-seeking, superficiality, and rootlessness does not equal freedom; getting involved with others too quickly or dumping someone who bores you; idealizing someone to an unrealistic level, then being crushed when they disappoint you; and finally, showing others how attitude is the key to freedom. These may seem like a lot of issues but they overlap and are all really part of the same problem - how you perceive freedom and overcome limitations.

    If you can work through these issues, then 2011 will mark a turning point for you in affairs of the heart, and indeed of your whole life. It's all up to you...

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