A Reading PLEASE...What do you SEE for us?

  • Im born 6/20/1969 and he's born 9/27/1953...we been together since May 1997 unmarried.

  • I don't feel this man wants to make a deep commitment to you or anyone else for that matter. He likes to be able to come and go as he pleases without too much responsibility, drama or compromise. Your partner lacks the patience to deal with your emotional needs over the long haul and can be highly critical and insensitive as well. He's far too demanding of you yet in return he doesn't give you the attention you need. Marriage will never happen here so if that' s the type of commitment you are looking for, you won't find it with this man. But deep down you know all this. You have plenty of time left to look elsewhere and this is the year to sever all ties with the people and situations that are not working for you. It may be hard to move on but it's going to be harder on you if you stay.

  • I will get to a reading for you in next day or so--

  • Hi Captain,

    You are like my new BFF...lol...YES...everything you said has been said to me before...but you put it plain and simple...I feel it deep down...that we wont marry and I truly want that...but I also feel he's been putting me off for years.....Captain.....we have been living together since I was 27...alot happened on his part and I stuck by him...and when this horrible thing came about of my son...your RIGHT...he wasnt supportive too much...he became very, very,very distant and I put up with it hurtin and hoping he would soften up and we would get better but nothing has changed, and i only stay because of the time lost and HOPE..but the message has been quite clear for along time.

    thank you

    love and blessings,


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