• stay the heck away from them !! seriously, cancers are posion to us

  • I only wish there was a on/off switch to love.

    Then I can turn off my feeling toward my cancer completely.

    It might be frustrating being with a moody cancer, but it is heartbreaking when you don't get to see her/him anymore.

    IMO, If you can just forget, then you have never really love that person.

    It ain't true love if it doesn't ache you at some point.

  • Hey lost Leo. You don't have to give Cancer up till you are ready. I have read every message board about Cancer guys being MIA. And know, this there are some success stories out there. I'm presently in the same boat as you. The push/pull is ever constant and he is testing the waters. You will in time learn to go with the flow of the tide show interest and then back off. No matter what don't tell him you love him, don't tell him he can trust. Instead you show him, and then over time he will come to believe you. Words are for women, actions are for men.

  • Thanks NessaE,

    I don't know if you had read my threads.

    I have no plans to give up on my cancer girl, I'm giving her time and space now as I promise. I'm not going to contact her until her b-day. It is hard, being Leo and know ing that there's other people courting her.

    But I know if I contact her now, I'm pushing her further away and deeper into her shell.

    I don't know if she's testing me now, or else.

    I know I love her, and all I want is for her to be happy, I don't have to be with her to love her, if we were meant to be, which I turly believe we are, we will end up together.

    I know some of my friends think that I'm obsessed with her. But sometimes in love, you just have to go with your gut feeling. My gut is telling me that she's pushing me away because she does have feeling for me, but she choose her career over me.

    I'm a patient Leo, I will wait until she walk into the chapel with someone else.

  • I had enough My Cancer man ruined my everything , I thought everything will be alright if I keep my good spirit and talking about the patient, I gave my everything with all honestly . I had very odd experience to Cancer . I had girlfriend whose really like a sister to me betrayed me and had hurt my feeling and I'm very disappointed with her. She made me sick pretentious , using me so much I don't care about money or material things that she benefits from me but my emotional investment to her was really painful . I had 3 bestfriend and I didn't even realized that after all this years she was jealous and envious to me. She lied and used me for almost a year.I felt really sorry for her. Now she had no one and no one believe on her. And my one and only bestfriend sister is a cancer too. She messed up her life and were trying to help her but she is really a user to even here family almost disown her. They doesn't have respect to people feelings and family . Very stubborn and never accept the fact that they already doing the wring thing . Funny they are all the same never said sorry. My bestfriend in uni is cancer it's totally odd they are almost the same they ate all takers and can create bad story but in the end of the day . You will find our that they are not happy for you when things getting better instead makes you feeL insecure. They can pretend everything it's good but behind your bad they will attack you. I'm not worried much cos I know were I stand but for sometimes makes me feel sad and asking myself . How could they do this to me. They always says if you want to know more about me just ask me totally opposite. They full of words lack of deeds. I'm sorry I just want to make it clear I'm not being mean here and I didn't say all . Its just my experience and I felt that they. Suck your positive or good spirit .

  • This post is deleted!

  • This post is deleted!

  • Wow!!! I remember one of my favorite auntie who love me dearly since I was young and spoiled me a lot is Cancer too . I was 33 yrs.old and she want me to understand that she was inloved with the same sex. She was a nurse and fall inlove with the lady doctor . She had two wonder boys and now they already finished uni. I'm the godmother of the younger boy . Unfortunately she never wanted to talk to me cos I never once on her side cos I'm so against of what she did . Everyone in my family was totally shocked till not it's a bit issue in our family. And one of my cousin same age of me cancer girl, wad totally jealous on me. I'll trust her so much and manage my account and when I audit my account she took some of my money and instead of saying sorry . Talking shot behind my back. Poor thing to them too much trouble I find them so jealous and envious but they really silent worker. Same with my cancer man he used to demoralized me cos English is not my mother tongue but Im bilingual can speak Spanish, Chinese. English . And my native dialect. He thinks the I came from nowhere and he just found out that I have more than he knows about me. And it's another cause of pushing me away and norton tell everything to anyone that I know cos his messed it's not my lost , but if he need help i will never think twice but I won't go further than that. I will kill him with kindness .

  • Hey! I resemble that remark!

    Seriously, not ALL of us Cancers are that bad! There are the few who ruin it for the rest of us. Yes, we are moody, we can't help it at times. We don't always get why we are cranky or the way we are... and ( speaking for myself here) I don't expect anyone else to understand it all the time either. But we also can be loony and funny and will spoil ya rotten if you let us. We worry about you, even when we don't say anything, we have a very active fantasy life which we are willing to share.

    We do not like to let go, either- someone loved is loved forever, even if it is just as a friend. MOST of us are loyal to the very end.

    So please don't throw all of us out with the bad crabs!


  • Hi Phoenixmom,

    I'm not trying to be mean to all of Cancerian of course there is always exemption. And were not totally said it in general. Were just sharing what we had experience to them and unfortunately it's all heartache and confusing moments. It's good to share all the good and bad experience here and I'm pretty sure everyone had a right to express their feelings it's good to let it out. But I know some how could hurt someones feeling especially they under on the same signs.



  • To all signs in regards to relationships and friendships:

    All there is to do is check the other sign- if both of you have more compatibilities then the relationship or friendship will be alright or will work out.

  • I have to agree with Magickal to a degree. Obviously everyone has far more than their sun sign to consider when regarding compatibility but at the same time, it's true. If the signs are compatible then one way or another it will probably work out. I have a million Cancerian friends, and one in particular has had a pretty strong effect on me, and I have to say his ups and downs (push/pull) seem much stronger than the other Cancers around me--but he is one of my closest, dearest friends. I know when to back off and give him his space, and I know just when to step in and show a little love or to say hello. During the times he is doing his thing I miss him terribly but something I've learned is that even when he is "away" (and socializing with others) he misses me just as much.

    How do I know all this? Well, my sun is in Pisces. It's kind of a given that we get along and are as close as we are, but there have been struggles. Both my moon and rising are Gemini, and with the outgoing and chatty nature of the Twins (and that I have two of them, how fitting!), sometimes I am just "too much" for him to handle, or I have to learn to recognize the influence and get myself back up in the clouds, as it were, and trust my intuition. Once I learned that, after a few big bumps in the road of our friendship, things have been smooth sailing. Not that I don't miss him when he's gone, or that sometimes a phone call left unreturned doesn't sting a bit, but I've really truly learned what it means for our relationship--that it's just him being him and me being me, and that's it. It's just how we are.

    I've learned that lesson time and time again with every Cancer in my life, and I never truly absorbed that lesson until this one in particular. So, original poster (OP), my advice is to do as Magickal said: understand more about the compatibility of you and your Cancer, and definitely learn their moon and rising if possible, then work through that. I believe that every relationship can work: I have had many friendships with people I am supposedly "incompatible" with but we still found a way for it to work out right. And Cancers just take a ton of patience. A ton.

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