Understanding spreads

  • Dear Friends, I am new to tarot and have been trying the celtic cross and three card spread, though I don't feel as though I am understanding the messages in relation to the questions I ask or the feelings I have. I am still confused.

    Does this happen to others? Is it something to do with my lack of experience, the cards or the fact they are a little alien to me? I am going through an intense and confusing love relationship dilemma at the moment and would love some clarification on it. Any opinions welcome?

  • My tip is to study the cards, read the little book that came with them, write down the meaning, trust your instinct and don´t do readings on the subject urself, u will block urself if u get upset

  • Thank you bellacosmic, that makes sense,, I'll try to be a little more patient during my learning stage 🙂

  • This post is deleted!

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