Thank You Thursday: Divine Timing

  • a message from Hillis Pugh

    Be thankful this day for divine timing.

    Divine timing is the perfect order of events in our individual and collective lives. Each choice presented leads to grand opportunities. With each decision made, divine timing is involved; whether it’s impulsive or calculating. We have already made the decisions leading to the life we desire, yet free will leads to unforeseen opportunities. As individuals, we have to come to a consensuses as to why we made the choice. As a collective, we have to come to a consensuses to choice the whole made and the synchronicity of them. When we operate on the same frequency, it shows up in our collective universe. We witness and even participate in an event created to expose the opportunity of the richness of divinity. The divinity of time is seeing the miracles manifesting one sequence at a time leading to the overall purpose of joy.

    We have to understand the purpose of time. Time (days, hours, minutes, seconds) itself is a measurement of energy leading to divine moments. Every moment is an awareness of the energy that IS you and surrounding you. Our time is not our time alone; we all are in this energy filled space. The Divine Source we come from, and the time is the awareness of all life. The definition of time is energy. Time is liner, yet energy is expansive and encompassing. We are both time and energy. As humans we grow and develop in a liner fashion, time. As spirits we also grow and develop in a liner fashion; however we can transcend liner processes to evolve quantumly, energy. Time is the development process of awareness and offering insight to self and the world created with our energy. Time is a crucial process to see the awareness of the expansive space we create. By being aware, we can plan or set the intentions of creations, while still being in the moment of space or energy. We are the witness for others to be aware of their creations, to assist them in recognizing the manifestation of miracles. By having a heighten state of awareness, we can become witness to self.

    There are moments in life, perhaps daily, where we as individuals witness manifestations of energy to material. This is due to love we give to the time or awareness of self and heart's desires. We see energy through the liner process of time. With the material visual of time, we then perceive the energy exerted to bring forth an individual or collective manifestation. The question is now how do you use our senses to continue to create the perfect order of events, divining timing?

    Know all events are orchestrated from the Divine Source and co-created with us. We have to come into the alignment of self to see the energy materialize. The events taking place daily in our life is itself divine and work with the predetermined choices. The timing in which all happens is on purpose. For example, we use technology to view the schedule of a bus or train or to see when a movie is playing. We see the time, the energy is moving in a liner fashion for us to predict when to be aware of the energy's arrival. However, we can do the same without the sense of sight. We can use the sense of intuition to result in the same outcome. It requires us to have more faith in our abilities of beings of energy and awareness. We know and orchestrate the events in our own life with little awareness to them; this is why we have what is thought of as epiphanies. We are just remembering, what we already decided to do.

    Since we already know the choices we make, is divine timing really divine? The answer is yes, because we are the catalyst for all events occurring in all walks of life. The events couldn't happen with our involvement. Our personal involvement is key to the timing of all manifestations. However if the proper action is not taken, then what do have left? If we do create and use the sequence of events to make happen, happen, we are life with chaotic energy, us. Our pinned up energy needs an outlet for creation. We have to remember to release the pinned up energy, us to become aware of us; thus expanding ourselves to new moments of creation, awareness and energy.

    Be thankful this day and everyday for the perfect order of events taking place in our life daily to expand our awareness.

    Be thankful this day and everyday to have the ability to orchestrate the events and creations in our life.

    Be thankful this day and everyday for the Divine Source and the co-creation of all manifestations through time and energy.

    Unattached (What makes a man want to rule the world)

    Bound by fear and the unknown

    Acceptance of comfortable safe life


    True only to self with vague thoughts and concepts to be clear and understood

    Arrogant only to be humbled by experience and awareness of actions and self devotion

    Finding value in where you belong

    The sacrifice of change is the only thing to change evolution

    The power of creation is the advent rising of saving of self and awareness of self manifested attachment and suffering

    Now free of such manifestation for a greater purpose

    All visions

    Thoughts planted in abundance to be awakened through gratification

    Creating what you are

    Creating what you desire

    Is all attached to your true nature

    Find this and unattach all else

  • Nice.

  • angel hugs

  • Was just wondering about this today. Could do with bit of divine intervention right now.

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