Tarot Etiquette

  • Hi, I'm new to tarot. I've had several readings done with different outcomes. I went and purchased a deck last summer and have (I think) connected my energy to it. Have put it under my pillow in a silk bag. So, I have this problem with this guy who I have not seen in 3 years. My question to the cards was what will be the situation outcome with this person given the current path that we are on. I asked on 3 consecutive nites and I have been getting the 2 of cups, and last night, the lovers card. I usually shovel the cards then cut the deck once. I pull the top card. Am I doing this right. If not, I guess I shouldn't put too much significance on the cards that did show up. And, when I ask for timing, most of the time, I get the sword card which to me, means the winter season. Any feedback whether I'm on track would be welcomed.

  • I would put a lot of significance into the cards you've pulled. The Two of Cups: marriage and partnership twice in a row! Yowza. And then The Lovers, which, as you know is a trump and aces, trumps and court cards always indicate karmic or destined things.

    As far as shuffling goes, there is no single "right" way to shuffle or cut the deck. I shuffle until my instincts tell me the deck is "cooked" and then I cut three times: middle pile over left pile over right pile. Then I do the actual spread.

    However, that's just one technique. If what you're doing feels right to you then go with it.

    Peace and Blessings.

  • Thank yo qwalchmai60 for the confirmation!

    Blessings, now RKDreamer (had a problem with the site earlier and now switched to this name)

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