Why do I get failure because of Number 1

  • Hello,

    Since 1999, I am getting failure because of number 1. like if i have exam with passing marks with 50, then i will get 49. In current years like 2011,2010, i failed in one subject 3 times at external level , and in other one assignment 2 times in internal level, both paper were separated and have one exam to be remained.

    I admit that sometime i got profit by number 1 in past years. But number of failures is more than success. I like to know why only number 1 do such issue with my life.

    I will share my all details also with you, as per required.

  • The number 1 represents the self. The message of the 1 is to look out for yourself, to care and nurture yourself as much as you do others. It comes up when we may have been too unselfish and not looking after our own needs enough, or caring too much about other people's opinions and not enough about our own beliefs and self-value. It says it's a time to take care of our own needs and wants for a change, to focus on our own lives, relationships and careers rather than other people's.

  • Are you sure?? Because i do take care myself as well other also. Can u provide way to get less failure by 1.

  • It's not numbers that make you fail, one is just the message from the Universe to you. It's you who let yourself down by not trying hard enough or ignoring what you really want. Perhaps you are trying too hard to make other people happy and not putting enough energy into your own life? Can you honestly say you put equal amounts into helping others and helping yourself? Perhaps the message of 1 is that you are TOO focused on yourself? Only you can decide what the balance in your life is.

  • Hi Aashish,

    I'm not sure if this will help. If not, could you share the details, especially why you think the cause could be #1.

    For your interest....

    I looked at the time of your first post 8:37. Each hour of the day gives us a specific interpretation of time. In fact each hour of the day is symbolic of our attitudes and expectations. If you look at the hour, it is the leading and dominant factor in your answer. The minutes give us a more detailed answer.

    8 - When one has advanced from the 7 paths/cycles, learning important lessons of each, we reach in 8 the chance to test all that we have learned in our 'own field of interest'. (it's very interesting to note, that many athletes have an 8 for their total name number.) And we know athletes work hard and are tested all the time.

    37 Yes, I know 3 +7 = 10 and if you look at the word PERFECT, it totals 37. In fact 37's strive for perfection. The 3 really benefits from the 7 who has applied the self to achieve perfection.

    If you add 8 + 3 + 7 = 18/9 This is a goal setting number! Maybe you need to set a higher goal for yourself.

    Are you enjoying your courses? Is there something else that's sparked your interest? Is there something else you'd rather be doing?

    It has been said that as one door closes another opens, but if we refuse to accept that certain doors really have closed, we won't be able to see the new doors and the new possibilities opening up to us. 9 has a way of making us face the reality of our past and present as well as what we want to create for our future.


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