Please help someone helpe to have some understanding a reading anything.

  • Hi someone, anyone that can help me to understand.

    I feel for the last ten years I am always just plagued with obstacles. Nothing ever seems to ever go right for me, I can't seem to find employment, a way forward. I struggle to keep family expectations. I can't seem to find ppl who wish to stay the duration with me people always leave me when i become attached to them. It seems like a never ending cycle. Happy for a short time then dropped. why is it people I care about always leave.

  • Just how attached to people do you become - do you get too clingy, possessive, jealous, or needy? That can scare people off. And if things are not working for you the way you want them to, that means that your approach to life is all wrong and you need to examine where your attitude and beliefs are holding you back. For instance, are you a positive or negative person? Negative thoughts only attract negative people, situations, and events.

    Did you ever see the 'Seinfeld' episode where George Constanza realised that he was a failure because every decision he had made in his life was wrong? From then on he did the opposite of whatever he felt compelled to do and was a huge success. For example, if he was too timid to ask for a raise or take a job that seemed out of his usual comfort zone, he would force himself to do it. Wisdom disguised as comedy...

  • hmmm

    Not really captain...I always tend to be quite free with ppl let them get on with their lives. I do kind of find that i meet ppl that are this sounds horrible 'damaged' have gone through something bad or in a bad situation and I kind of patch them up and they move on. I never understand why it is that people don't patch themselves up and stay with me. If that makes sense.

    I have been thinking maybe I should just walk away from people when I find that something is wrong rather than taking people under my wing, save myself the heartache.

  • You don't keep going back to the doctor once you are healthy, do you? And a healer mustn't expect to keep her 'patients' with her forever - once your birds' wings are mended, you have to let them fly.

    Or do you only help people with the expectation that they will then reward you with lifelong appreciation and love? Love should be unconditional. You must try and accept the fact that you are a carer-healer and thus will attract many who need your help but once healed, they have to go on to other experiences. Or else make your healing a professional career and don't bring wounded people into your personal life.

  • its only after they have flown I see why i was to meet them. I see the progress they have made etc... Everyone comes into your life for a reason I know. Just sometimes feels sad when people are no longer part of your life. Or just that your part in their life is over. I do understand this.

    That is the awful thing I do care and love unconditionally. And thats why I still miss them, not that I ever asked anything from them in return it always is more abouting giving and caring for them.

    I guess just feels sad sometimes. I supposed I shouldn't give too much of myself.

  • Forevervirgo, if you expand your consciousness beyond the physical plane to the Universal group mind, you will see and feel that none of us are ever really disconnected or separate - that's just an earth plane illusion. Our immortal souls are all a part of each other, even if our temporary physical bodies don't remain together. When your awareness is open, you realise that you are never alone or cut off from others. You feel the complete unity that exists between all people.

    If you are sad, it is a sign that you are too focused on the physical plane. In truth, you do hope to get love and appreciation back from those you care for - most people do. Truly unconditional love is very hard to achieve when we are earth-bound. We all give in order to receive, even if it's just satisfaction. There's nothing wrong with that. Instead of being sad about who has left your life, focus on being joyous about the new people who will come to you. Keep moving forward and don't look back.

  • Forevervirgo,

    May I suggest you read up on codependency. Sometimes understanding the basic dynamics that drive us helps and then we are freed up to delve deeper into Spirit and unconditional love.

    Cheers Pfree

  • yes pfree,

    I have been trying to understand why I have been feeling like this lately. and the repetitive cycle. Read about the codependecy you mentioned. I am a classic case.

    But truthfully, it does feel nice that peopel have moved on and made their lives better.

    But thankyou all for your insights has made me think things differently/reaffirmed where my mind was at.

    Just felt to get it out of my system otherwise it just festers.

    yes captain, shouldn't look back thats something I have to work on....went for a nice walk....with the mantra let it all go.

    I guess as the saying goes if you truly care/love someone you let them go.

  • That's the saying that popped into my head when I first read your post, FV.

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