Captain or Blmoon can you help me with this.

  • Good morning I have a question there are some things that I would like to start like in April.

    I would like to start doing something on the internet like selling things and I was wondering

    what do you see. Do you see this as being a good thing. And I have a question about something else. I am not too happy where I live and I have been thinking about moving if everything goes ok for me. When I say go ok with me I am talking about my ssi and my son. One of my sons is ok with this and the old one the Sag 11-27-96 Franky does not really like the idea of moving. And I don't want my babies to be unhappy with thing this so what do you think. My Aries 03-25-2002 Alex he is ok with moving. Oh when I said that I want to do something on the internet. I want to start doing something like selling incense and making soaps something little not nothing huge just something to keep me busy when I finish school in March. My dob is July 12 1961.

    Thank you Illona

  • I do feel a move will be good for you and your family, even the son who doesn't want to move. I feel like you all need a change and new start to blow fresh air into your lives and free you from any old bad ways and habits.

    With the internet business, I would say a cautious 'yes, go for it!' - but I feel there is a chance someone could try and rip you off through your gullibility or innocence at first so be very careful and thoroughly check any deals you make (like, get the money first before you send the goods etc.).

  • Hello Captain

    Thank You so much. I was so worry about my son. I really think that would be a good thing for us. We just moved where we are Sept 5 20009 and I really don't feel at peace here. And my sons don't like it too but my older son, is mom we stay at the other apt for 3years and then the state said we had to move then we moved too the other place and we stay there for 9 1/2 years so he does like the idea that we are moving so soon. But I found a place really nice and the area is nice and it is cheaper than where we live now. It has just waying on my heart and I really think that is the best think too do. Thanks and I will make sure that I be careful with the internet think. I just want something to do, because I have been in school since I start my AA degree and too be finish. I just will not know what to do with myself. I will know what too do but I want to do something constructed to keep my mind busy. So I though maybe making incense would be fun because I love for the house to smell nice and I think that I would do good. So why not give it a try and see what happens. Thanks again blacklady diver.

  • Good luck with your business - the incense thing sounds intriguing. I love incense and burn it all the time.

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