Leo vs Geminis

  • I am a leo woman with a gemini husband and 2 gemini daughters and a gemini best friend. I am sitting in the shade for now... thoughts???

  • Yes i'm a Gemini women in a 4yr relationship with a leo man and we are completely opposite's we don't have the same interest's need it be music movie's basically everything,i'm suprised we've made it this long i'm deeply in love with him but he has a hard time understanding me my feeling's etc.i want marriage but he don't seem interested ? yeah thought's?????

  • Hi sweethitch ( too complicated lol) well simple here, you know already you want something he doesnt, what do you do in this situation? well you stay and wait and hope or you face the fact that life is short and time maybe precious and to find someone that want the same things then you. things are simple when we can accept what is is happening

    trying the change thing that we cant can only bring pain. peace

  • Hi pained,

    I am a leo, with 2 gemini children a girl and a boy and the love of my life is a gemini and my best friend is a gemini. We are in the same boat girl. I feel surrounded by gemini.

  • summer folk stick together 🙂

  • hey, im a gemini with a leo rising and a cap moon. i think i am an equal blend of all 3 signs.. i can understand the leo not liking the same things as the twin if he is a hard core gemini. i know several gemini men and they are fun at parties but asses when they are straight but i know leo's that do that as well so...... i am glad i have the cap moon to keep me grounded ! : )

    i have the same issue with my wife who is a fish but other than being lazy and over sensitive and a dreamer, she doesn't really act like one... lol she is very introverted and has to be entertained

    and that kills my freedom. like star2u said , life is too short ! i,ve been in this thing for ever . i guess i would rather hurt myself instead someone else. i dont know why i am that way.

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