I need alittle insight - Can someone help?

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  • Wow I'd have been insulted too! That was kind of rude to say.

    I hate the "where do you see yourself in 5 years" question. I don't think there has ever been a period in my life when I can look back and say I am where I planned on being. Life is determined to shake me up on a regular basis and the sooner I get used to it the better LOL

    I think he'd go down to 5 hrs a day but even at that, it's too difficult to continue to work all but one other job which is pretty flexible. And I'm sure I could work close to 40 hrs as well, but then I'd be stuck in the same job with no way to shake things up. Then I'd still need days off to do that job here and there. I think I am better of keeping the two local jobs. One of them maybe 3 days a week (they are super flexible) and then I can work the other job when we have events.

    This guy commented on the person they just let go (she has a PD and stopped taking her meds and he feared for his "information"), that she was getting to the point where she was out at least once a week and often without notice. Once my other job is in event season, I would have at least 2 half days if not full days that I would need off for events. Plus for my big event I will literally need some serious time "off" to invest in our expo. So I can see that being an issue.

    With my other jobs I do have the opportunity to work over 40 hrs a week on occasion and I also have the opportunity to easily take the morning off to for appointments. The more I think about it, the more I think the two local jobs will be the ones I stick with (and I'll still look for 1-2 bookkeeping CLIENTS, not jobs).

    It took me SOOOO long to get to this point and it IS really hard not to cave to the "security" of a FT job but I know I will not be happy in the long run. As my old boss always said with his employees at the shop before the merger - it's a lifestyle. And that's what I have - my lifestyle. I have nothing for money, my car is 25 yrs old (I have one that's much nicer but not running now - at 23 yrs LOL), I have outdoor exercise gear and my computers but that's about it. My house of course but we all need a roof over our heads. I even said "lifestyle" in the interview. I think interviews like this are the best, you can really be yourself if you don't "need" the job. Last summer I know I had it better than I will this summer, I had a couple of friends who would touch base either late morning/early afternoon and say, hey got time for a ride? And I did. 🙂 Meant I worked later that night and early the next morning, but I had the flexibility to do so! It was awesome. Would love to have that back again but I think this year is the year of the "work hard"

    This has really been the financial week from hell for me! My desktop computer wouldn't fire up this morning and I automatically thought "power supply" but now I'm hoping it's a simple battery. I hope so as I can't take another $400 bill. This was supposed to be a better year financially for me and to date I am dying! I really don't have savings as I am trying to pay off my credit card right now! I do have some stocks and an IRA that I don't want to touch. I could clear off all my debt with them but it's all the "savings" I've got. I too would waitress again if I had to!

    As for the purging, nothing new yet...... just looking for SPACE. Can't wait to paint some walls. 🙂 If only my dumpster weren't full of snow - ugh!

    How long ago did you do the evaluation? Don't forget this guy contacted me over two months after I sent my resume in! I was so hoping you had heard from UI by now!

    OK off to do some more work in the other room. Have to get my bike set up in there before I get FAT! This winter is killing my workout schedule. Hope you had a great day. 🙂


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  • Businesses function in 5 years I guess (corporate HR). Me? I dunno, I like to get through each week. I like structure but I need to go with the flow. I'm an enigma of my own making. haha

    I found your blog! I'll email you through there. 🙂

    I have my own business as well and I continually say that if I could get one client each month that provides XX I would be doing just fine! So far I have 3 months covered but I always stress about the March one as they are always penny pinching. And they are slow pay........ still waiting on a job that I delivered the end of December, but it's a town entity and not a thing I can do about it.

    Couldn't get the computer going last night. Still have some things to try but it's looking like it's the costly repair. Of course. I got lucky with my insurance in that the agent forgot to check one little box and the rate dropped by a third. Can I be lucky twice in a week?

    Seriously I lead quite the boring life, but have had enough "weirdness" in it that some days I think I'll write a book 🙂

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  • That's great - congrats! I am looking into a certification for something that is 3 seasons a year and they wear khaki as well (they have to wear "official" shirts too). My first comment was PLEASE say we can wear shorts in the summer???? And seriously I can't remember what they said LOL, I think the answer was yes. But it's nothing I am locked into, it would be on my own schedule and the money is good AND They provide lunch and mileage. The training classes start next month.

    Just be neutral! That's how I am at the boring job - no one knows a thing about me other than what I drive LOL. My other job is a little different as I was a customer for so many years. They even know about both my divorces - sheesh

    Yes, I will touch base through the blog, I forgot to send the link to work yesterday so I didn't find it again.

    hehe khaki scrubs - just kidding, but i so know what you mean 🙂

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  • Ack! Does your state licensing prohibit working that much? And no, the math doesn't work out but that's often what happens when you work hourly for someone else.

    I would simply say that you have other obligations and took the job because it worked with your schedule. Maybe sit down with the actual OWNER and ask if there was a misunderstanding about the hours. Tell them you really like it there but didn't expect to work 11 hours (did you even get lunch? Will they pay you OT?) nor did you expect to be asked to come in 3 hours before your shift starts on your second day. It could be the owner has NO idea this is happening. They may have asked the office girl to ASK you and maybe the office girl is just one of those assuming types (have worked with THEM in the past - oh what fun). Tell them you have no problem chipping in but you may need advance notice in order to juggle your day.

    I''m kind of in the same boat at the job I don't want to stay at. They NEVER said they wanted me to work 4 days a week in the future. All they said was there was too much work for the current lady to do two days a week (she used to do 3), and now that I've been there I know she just doesn't work quickly. There isn't even a full days worth of work. Wednesday he wanted me to get a bank check which means I have to come back to the office instead of getting it "on the way" home (opposite direction but at least I can hop right back on the highway). So I ask him twice about it and finally at 2:50 - I won't leave later than 3pm - I said I absolutely have to be headed SOUTH at 3. His reasoning was that he was trying to wait for the mail to see if a check showed up. Seriously, if checks don't show up till 3pm, putting them in the bank then, on the way home, or on the way into work the next morning really doesn't make that much of a difference to the bank balance.

    Another thing you need to consider - how much do you need the job right now? Do you need to keep your mouth shut a bit longer or can you afford to try and suck it up for a little while? I am in the second category at the moment, not a fun place to be but bills dictate otherwise at the moment.

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  • yay - congrats on the new job! I know 4 days is a bummer (I'm doing 5 away from home right now 😞 ) but at least you get a day to continue to look. Are they full days?

    I had to laugh at your "smarter" comment. I spent 20 mins explaining bills and statements to the boss this morning. Part of this is because the other lady is also "not smarter" and they confuse each other. Now MY head hurts LOL

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  • I did email you this morning! 🙂

    I just got word I am getting another job offer (old job from last year) but I still don't think he can make the offer sweet enough.

    Happy Valentine's Day to you too 🙂

  • ps - i worked in retail 3 days a week - 10-7 - nice hrs in 3 days but blah. I could usually get stuff done in the mornings but the nights hurt!

  • jlinangel,

    Sorry to but in... but did you say $45.00 for 6 minutes? 35 clients that's like over $1500.00. Are people actually paying that?Maybe the money exchange is different where you are I noticed you said dark for the summer. I've done the chair massages here Ca U.S. at local fairs and such and it was like $10.00. Wish I had one about now tho have had lots of tension causing migraine.

    Best of luck.


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  • Ugh, it was not a yahoo addy, it was the blog addy. I will look again, hope it was one you get as well lol

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