Why are my dreams so bad?

  • I have always drenpt when i sleep,for as long as I can remember,but for the past couple of years they have been nothing but scary turmoile. I have this thing that I dream and if I don't remember any of it, it will happen in my waking life. Now I have tried to change it when it starts to happen,but I never can. It's so strong that I remember dreaming it just as it is starting to happen. Lately I have'nt had it happen and I'am glad of that because my dreams are so disterbing that Iam not sure what to do if it did.

    Iam a single 50 year old woman,that is tring to find her nitch in life after raising four children, that are now grown with lives of there own.Iam on disability,which means set income,in the summer I live in a very old camper, and in the winter I stay with friends.I am going on the third year of this,and all I keep asking myself is why can't I have a life after all that I've done?Am I being tested,or am I just meant to wander aimlessly. My dreams keep me thinking all the time,and I hate to go to sleep,any one else having this problem or have some answers to this mess,I welcome honest,and non-condemming comments.

  • Anngora,

    I don't think anyone on this site would give you condemming comments, we don't judge each other only try to give different points of view. Sometimes the perspectives are ones we would't have thought about other wise.

    anywho..When you say turmoil do you think it could be a reflection of where you feel you are in your life? What is an example of a scary dream you had? Do you feel that they are premonitions? I dream the opposite of you, I don't dream and if I do and remember them they always come true..and yes they are scary..I have read where people dream to help them deal with suitations going on in real life, sometimes they are scary, it's a way of us letting go and moving forward..maybe you should look up dream interpretations..I hope this helps.

    Love & light D

  • Hi, Good picture. I'm 49, 50 in Feb. A girl at work started taking hormones and it helped w/sleep. Maybe your subconscious is fearful about the future. No you weren't meant to wander aimlessly. What are you interested in. Get on the internet and look for groups in your area. In my area, for example, there's a walking and running club. Get to lose weight and meet people at the same time. Do you have a certain faith. Churches closer to cities have different organizations. My sense from looking at your picture is that you are just looking for friends to connect with. I need that also. Seems alot are tied up with family, spouses etc. You might consider volunteering. Hope this helps and that I haven't guessed wrong.

  • I don't know why, but when I read this my heart just broke for you.

    One thing you must understand is that negative energy travels faster than positive energy.

    It may be possible that you are only receiving and remembering the first impressions your unconcious mind touches. I'm sure good things happen too, but obviously you aren't dreaming about those. I think that because you keep having these scary dreams, and you fear having them, it sometimes feeds that energy and attracts them even more.

    I used to have a lot of issues with my dreams, and so much of my research has been geared towards understanding them, whether they are 'regular' dreams or prophetic ones.

    Maybe this can help, before you go to sleep at night, picture yourself surrounded by white light, ask out loud for your angels, God, guardians, or whatever it is you believe in to surrond you and protect you from negative energy... My mom often asked for a 'shield of protection'. Ask them to allow in only what is necessary for you to know, only what you are capable of changing. Ask them for a peaceful sleep. Ask them to calm you, and help you to be free of fear.

    My mother is only a little older than you, and she is also on disability, and over the past several years she has had to go from family member to family member for living arrangements. I know she has felt much the same way you have. As a family we have tried to help her gain some perminance in her life, found her a place she can afford, that is close to me and her brother.

    I understand you may not have family resources to tap into to bring this perminance to your life. It is sooooo very hard to survive on a fixed income, I have been infuriated with the system for some time, my mother had to come live with me for 5 years, before we could figure out what to do. She still feels like she's trying to 'find' her life, after putting so much work into raising us and her marriage, that ended shortly after I graduated highschool (i am now 35).

    Don't loose hope. With my mom we've started working on ways she can make extra money. Do you have any talents? Are you crafty in some way? Can you write, sing, draw, is there any talent you have, or could develop that could not only maybe turn into money, but could also help you find something of yourself like Dalia suggested?

    The thing I want you to remember most, is the universe is listening, and it will give you what you want and need. I know sometimes it's hard to have faith and believe... but you are a creation of this earth, and a part of it. You breath it's air, you posses it's molecules, you are a conscious, and wonderful being, who God gave power over all the things of the earth.

    If you want solidarity, send that out to the universe, say "Hey universe, I'm tired of wandering around, I want my own place." Then believe without doubt that it will be delivered to you, because as you said you DO deserve it. You are intitled.

    I saw a demonstration once where a woman pulled three kids on stage and three adults. She started to hand them all money, starting with the adults. The adults, looked at her funny, tried to ask questions, wanted to know why she was giving it, why they should take it, if she really meant for them to keep it...

    When she offered the children the money they just took it, said thank you, no questions asked.

    She said this is how God and the universe work, it's there for the taking, be like the children and accept it wherever it comes from, and say thank you...

    As adults we think there has to be some 'reason' for us to receive something good. Or we think there has to be a catch, or it has to be difficult. That we must work or deserve it...

    We simply have to ask and believe, and make sure that we see the blessing and not try to define or judge where it's coming from... ( oh this can't possibly be the way, this person can't possibly be of help, this has to be too good to be true) Often we miss blessings because we think we know how they should be manifested to us.

    I don't know if any of this will help at all, I just keep looking at your picture, and I see someone who has a lot of good things hidden behind a lot of pain and struggle. You deserve good things, look in the mirror everyday and say it to yourself, and you will start to believe it.

    My heart reaches out to you, and I am wishing good energy and hope your way. You are a beautiful child of this earth, and are loved, and meaningful, please don't ever forget that.

    much love and light...

  • I thank all of you for your insight,it is all helpful.To darya,yes I do know some of the dreams Iam having are because my life is so scattered,the turmoil well my family says i just need to get away from the guy Iam seeing,I guess down deep it is true,he is keeping me down to a point,but I just can't seem to let go,I will look into the dream interpretation section,

    To dalia,thank you also for your insight,the hormone thing already got that covered,but different clubs and activities,well I don't belong to a church,only because there are so many that have different inturpritations,I feel I can do all my praying in private. volenteering I have considered that,there is a church that has a soup pot on wednesdays every week,I have gotten to know a few people there and I was thinking of offering my help to them.Friends i do need friends I have never had a lot of luck with having friends,I guess I pick the wrong ones,they eventually tend to stab me in the back for some reason,Iam laid back and compationate to a falt and I guess people take advantage of that.I do have four grown children with lives of there own,but when one calls me they expect me to drop every thing and make time for them when its convenient for them.I understand that scheduals are very different, I guess I take what I can get from them because I miss being the mommy(silly isn't it).To bleudawn,thank you for your input ,I do dabble some in sents,stones, and a little white witch craft,I just thought any help is better then none.I have been interested in the power of the mind for a very long time,I just need to pick some ones brain that has the insight and knows more about it to help me, i know some people call me nuts when I say some thing about it,but I know it helps and actually does work,for me any way.I have tried the thing of thinking good things and having a positive thought before I go to sleep at night,but usually doesn't help.

    oh about my dreams ,darya, I dream alot of water,and fires, and just diasters all around me,for example: the other night I drempt,that I was tring to get from one place to another,and I kept running into water,there was water stopping me from getting to my destination,but eventually I managed to get there (well most of the time). One i had last night,I was a total nut, I was lost didn't know were I was,was dressed in old dirty clothes and had a box of things I wouldn't part with not real inportant things, like reciepts and a few clothes and there even some leaves in there.when i dream I try real hard to rememberthem when I wake up,if I do they don't happen and if I can't then they happen to me and I remember dreaming them while they are happening,I guess turmoil was too strong of a word maybe, but you got the jist of what I was saying. Thank you all for helping me,all of your ideas and sugestion were very helpful,I would like to stay in touch and learn a few things about all of you,if you would,I hope I didn't leave anyone out or questions unanswered,if I did please ask me again I would love to answer any questions you may have that might help me or even you,Thank you again to all.

    love angora. may good be with you.

  • You should start by clearing and smudging your living and sleeping area with white sage. light a whitecandle. Say a Prayer to God & Archangel Michael with faith , sincerity, & with pure intent. Tell God what you are trying to accomplish, be specific. With centainty give thanks for their help in clearing negative and residue energies. Use a personal power objects, cross rosary, stones anything that has sacred meaning to you. Smudge each room with sacred smoke. Seal the space give Prayer of thanks as you seal the space with Rock salt by placing small amounts of salt in the corners of each room. After this prayerful ceremony, know that you have consecrated your sacred space by giving it to Father/Mother/God. You will feel a difference. There will be a shift to positive vibration and Gods protective light.

  • i want you to pray!to pray from your heart!you will recieve the answer from the GOD,how you could manage these terrible dreams! your subconcience is trying to say to you anything important about maybe your health maybe is going to be in the close future but at any outcome you must pray about guidance and help from GOD,you will get confidence and help and all the answers you are seeking for,you must remember nothing could be without the reason.,your higher self is trying to speak with you,your higher your self is connected with GOD and pray about help and guidance from our great CREATOR.GOOD LUCK.elena9

  • Anngora,

    Your 'water' dream struck me. I can tell by your pic that you're very sensitive and probably attuned to every vibe around you. Water flows in and out of everything. Maybe your dream was warning you to be more grounded....

  • Anngora,

    I have to say that I get the water and fire as being barriers to you. [ your life] I think they are trying to tell you to dig deep inside, find what they are and work around them. Don't let them block you anymore. As for the disasters do they ever come true? Pay attention to things going on in the world, maybe your picking up pieces of those. As for your children [adults] don't think your alone in that one..we all go through the same thing there..Our children will always put themselfs and their needs first..We created the little angels and they know we love them, so yeah we're all weak..LOL. I think if you volenteer in that soup kitchen you will be surprised at the friends you will meet, they will be of like mind and not the back stabbers you speak of..The main thing is you have to get out to meet new people [put yourself out there] it's not like they will come to your door, don't get me wrong they could..just saying to go and enjoy life ,

    do things you love or learn something new you've had an interest in..

    Love & Light D

  • sorry you feel so sad, i am feeling it too, a very negative vibe is coming through i will ask my friend j to send you som raeki good luck

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