My first love

  • I saw my first love for the first time after 32 years back in February 2007. We spent 3 days together and it was like we never lost contact. Now, it's over a year later and he is with someone who I feel in my gut is using him. I live 5 hours from him and still love him as much as I ever have. I'm scared to get into a relationship because all I keep thinking is that one day he will be single again and then I won't be. I want to be with him so bad and I don't know what to do. Any suggestions on this will sure help me.

  • My instincts tell me that his interest in your was more curiousity than love. Please dont wait for this man dear, for you will waste precious time finding your true soulmate. You are a sweet soul who can love so truly and faithfully, there is someone longing for what you can give. He is looking for you dear, go find him.

  • Hi sweetie. Very often when our "first" loves come back into our lives it is because they are there to remind us of something special we would like to have in our next (or lasting) relationship. What qualities in this man would you like to see in your mate? Have you made a list of what you want in a partner? Have you identified your values? Made space in your life for someone?

    He will not come until you've done this. But he WILL come to you; by accidental meeting, in a public place, like an outdoor cafe. You will recognize him, and he will know you. Don't be shy when you see him. He has your best interests at heart already!

    Blessings, and congratulations!


  • there is this guy ryan who likes me a lot and he is talking with his friends saying i'm "the one" for him. i know this because i over heard him saying this. i feel the same way about him . but this is a suprise because i thought he would never feel this way about me.we never spoke to each other except for saying excuse me with no eye contact when we are in front of other people. ( mainly because we are super shy.) some times we look deep into each others eyes in a desalate inviroment. then at times we smile at each other. i just wanna know if i'm going to wind up marrying him in the future or not.

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