To Captain Regarding Psychic Reading

  • Dear Captain,

    Sylvia Brown the world renown psychic would just love you for what you believe in because you would put her out of business. I have had readings that were very accurate and there was always room for indecision on my part. There is a greater power out there that in itself is a guiding force once tapped into.

    Astrology is on the same level as a psychic reading in that it displays traits of a person from the DOB, numerology guidance is given through numbers and can be quite helpful or confusing. I had my numerology chart done when I was twenty years old and the result was pretty distasteful as to what my birth name displayed in numbers, I was told to change my last name ASAP. I agree with you that people should work on themselves and what they can change in attitude and thinking. A word of warning also for those seeking psychological help. Doctors are people too with their own set of problems and life's concerns. Some therapists are really non-caring people that go by a book of rules and regulations and if you were ready to hang yourself in the shower so to speak and you made a visit to them, they would furnish

    you the rope. So please only go to people that come highly recommended and than make sure that you feel that they are helpful, caring and ethical. What I have written here is my own personal opinion based on my life experience.

    Nice hearing from you Captain. We are now in the process of moving to Austin, TX in the dead of winter which I have never done before, so offer up some good prayers for us at this time.


  • I will.

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