Life Purpose is not a Destination...

  • The following is an excerpt from an Archangel Michael channeling by Rev. Nina Roe:

    Life purpose is a moving target, not a all are reaching for something that is just out of keep reaching,you keep reaching,you keep reaching - thinking that that destination is where you must go, where you must be.

    But life purpose is in this moment.

    I remind you of this because the earth energies are shifting - they are changing and evolving at such a speed that you cannot keep up with them if you try. And so you must not try. You must simply surrender. When you are in the water and struggling against the current, it takes great energy to do this. And yet, if you just let go, it is so much easier. Life purpose is in this moment!

    ...The energies that are pouring down on your planet right now are like none that have been here before or will be again. This is a Divine opportunity for each and every one of you. And your life purpose - living it, breathing it in every moment is essential to experiencing the full range of these vibrations/energies that are pouring down upon you. Life purpose is a notion. It is an idea. And what I would like to suggest is that you let go of it and simply set the intention of being happy, of listening to your heart, of following your angels' guidance. There is so much WORK associated with the term "life purpose" and when you are truly happy, work is not even in the equation - at least not as you define it now. It is simply about being happy, being joyful.

    Yes, we angels understand that there are trials and tribulations - these are part of your lessons. And as you transcend these lessons, the joy is evident. These lessons help to buoy you up, to support your ascension. As soon as you can see them this way, you will experience the joy that is there.

    ...I encourage you to set the intention of being happy. And I mean BEING happy, not wanting to be happy, not trying to be happy, BEING happy. This is the true evolution of life purpose...letting it go and simply being happy.

    ...these new energies that are pouring in and of which I speak, support your being happy - the evolution of happiness. And so I close my message to you with one thing for you to hold in your hearts. And that is this - Yes, you came here to experience life and yes, you came here to experience having a mind and yes, you - and I do mean you - are meant and destined to be happy.

    Blessed Be.

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  • Watergirl, thank you for sharing. It is very insightful...sometimes I have to remind myself about the letting go and surrendering that is mentioned.


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