Who am I Compatible With?

  • Wondering who i'm compatible with in a ROMANTIC relationship with? Already know that it won't be an Aquarius, Picses, Aries, another Taurus, Gemini, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio or Sagitarius. That only leaves Cancer and Capricorn, is that right? I will NOT go out with another Capricorn, the one who is pursuing me is a jerk, calls me names, only interested in himself & work and is extremely physically forceful got divorced for cheating on his wife several times! It seems no one is suited for me...would really like a specific birthdate of someone who is for me! Thx for anyones help.

    Me: 5/19/1965

  • well dear Taurus you are most compatible to other earth signs and water signs and yes it do also depends on if that person is on the first half of the month or at the end. so yes your are compatible with another taurus and pisces and capricorn and scropio and also virgo and yes a cancer!

  • I already told you this in your other thread.

  • Looking for compatibility only with sun sign wont help you much.

    What's you ascendant, moon sign? to know this and also the asc. and moon sign of the partner will clarify things for you. Even if you're a Taurus, but your moon or asc is on an air sign, that would make you more compatible with an air sign too.

  • i have only seriously dated a cancer man and an aquarius. they did not end well. i have heard that tauruses are a good match for cancer women. what do ya'll think?

  • @The Captain: Yep, you did tell me...You also paired me up with a Capricorn as being one of the most compatible for marriage with the birth dates you gave me. Sorry but I value myself too much to lower myself to be with a man who is physically and emotionally abusive just to make your prediction right.

  • surprisingly enough compatible Mercuries have much more importance in long term relationships. Without the ability to communicate and understand each others point of view misunderstandings often occur. You have a Taurus Mercury and should consider partners with a Virgo or Capricorn Mercury. Though avoid Leo, Scorpio or Aquarius Mercuries. A persons Mercury isn't necessarily the in the same sign as the Sun and therefore the ability to be on the same 'wave length' isn't always there, even if the Sun Signs are traditionally compatible. Synastry (relationship astrology) is a complex subject involving several planets in both of the couples birth charts. A simple analysis involving just Sun signs just isn't going to work.

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