• Yes... JUST CHAT... i'm a joining here! i like reading up about al these remerkeable thinhgs ! x

  • Just thought I say HI to every one tonight and see if any one has anyhting new to share.

    Peace and Unity

  • Hi everyone!!! My name is Lucy i'm Capricorn born January 8th 1962, 1:46 am... I always had excellent intuition.. Actually my friend calls me the angel of death i can usually tell when someone is going to die , they can look and feel fine but i just get that feeling & its usually true. Sometimes i can give the dates too. Six yrs ago i had a very bad accident and had many broken bones and injuries, i also had fractured my skull & had a blood clot on my brain, which dissolved itself. But i was left with many injuries till this day.. But thankfully alive.. My point is since i fell and hit my head, by the way i fell 3 stories taking down the christmas lights was unconsious for 4 days.. And all i kept hearing was hte drs saying i dont underastand she should be like Christopher Reeves, i guess i shouldve had much more severe injuries than what had..Some say my father carried me because i really shouldve been dead ! I do believe that he did. but after 1 year of healing i started to get premonitions, not that often but when i do i'am usually right about them... I'am very happy to have this chat room with all of you, iam usually on the puter but this monday it has to go in the shop for probably wont get it back for 2 weeks , so don't think i left all of you guys .. would love to hear from all of you and thanks for the chat room .. I recently moved to las vegas 4 yrs ago, born and raised in Bklyn ny . Don't have many friends out here glad to join your group thanks, lu

  • ok i'm going to put up my face LOL...

  • hey why isnt it small now all of you can call me ""fathead""... HELP ME SHRINK, LITERALLY LOL...

  • OK . I DID IT !!!! So Sorry about the huge picture...LOL I look like THE ATTACK OF THE 40 FOOT WOMAN !!! LOL OK what an entrance that was, hows that for a little surpize..LOL Well one other thing i can tell you aside from my extreme visualization i have I definitely have a great sense of humor... Just thakful my chubby body wasnt in that picture LOL, cant wait for these replies now!!! ok love lu

  • Hi Lucy,

    I'm here in LV to.

    Peace and Unity

  • The two of you definately need to get together! Your both healing and could use the company I would bet.

  • BKLYN, I would like to chat with you regarding your promotions on death. I too have this sense. It comes and goes and I am right on. Sometimes I get timelines. Have you figured out why you were given this sense? I have had this for about 5 years or so. I only shared this with one other person because I don't want people to fear me. Soemtimes I feel overwhelmed by this but more so I have asked the creator -- why do I have this sense? Am I suppose to do something with it?

    Goddness, hope you had a great evening. Hope all is well with your clearing.

  • Hum, I don't believe in coincidence. Is it peculiar we all have premonition of people dying. What's up with that?

    I've had it as long as I can remember. Hum? What's the commonality here. There's no such thing as a coincidence. I'm starting to feel like were all here for some reason more.

    Time to use the conscious continuum. For some reason were all here.


    Peace and unity

  • My feelings are random like I walk by a person and my voice goes off in my head saying, this person is going to loose a brother this weekend. How do you all come to these senses, feelings, premontions?

  • I've had them come to me in dreams, and sense or vibrations that's the only way I know how to explain it. And even smells, like knowing if some one is sick,IE: Cancer, or Tumors ect...

    Peace and Unity

  • SekhmetGodess What does cancer smell like to you? a woman told me it smelled like sulfer to her.

  • I ahd a dream of someone dying, sometimes when I look at them they look dead to me..face all drawn, sunken in..it's pretty creepy..usually when I dream of death they die..this one a physic told me has been delayed..it's hard to live with this knowing they will die, I could warn them but it would probably only worry them more causing the car accident..it's been a struggle with me..

  • Darya.

    I don't know how explain the smell and vibration of Cancer. A baby was ill the doctor told the mother it was allergies. I sent a whole day with them by that night I urged the mom to take the baby to the hospital. He had hodgkins lymphoma, and a seven inch malignant tumor across his organs and some other type of cancer in his blood. His now a healthy teenager. I have many stories where people listened and those that did not. I feel terrible for the ones that did not heed my warning. Especially my own father.

    One women I warned through a tarot card reading, she had a over a seven pound tumor in her abdomen, which neither of us knew about. Her question was specifically about her health, I advise her to go straight to the emergency room. That there was some thing horrible wrong in her abdominal. I told to refuse to leave until a test like an ultra sound could be done around her belly, And sure enough they found it.

    And others came specifically through a dream. Repetivly, the same dream over and over again until I could not ignore it any more. I believe there called Prophetic Dreams, there like its really happening.

    And then there are those who just would not listen free will and all.

    With a common cold or virus it smells like dead or dying flowers, mostly roses or a combination honeysuckles and jasmine. If you smell this from some ones body odor step away there contagious

    Peace & Unity

  • Sorry Darya and Sekhmet,

    i've been really busy at work over the last few days.

    Just seen the post asking for help with 10yr/old.

    Am i too late and where is the question? I'll be happy to help in any way i can if it isn't already sorted. :-))

    Verdana 🙂

  • verdana

    it's on page 4 of latest discussions help with 10yr/old. it's reguarding stones..or any advice you might have..he is doing better and the stone adventurie I bought seems to be helping..

  • Hi everyone, posted a comment on Daryas thread about her son though it seems to be sorted.

    In fact my spirit friends say it is sorted!!!

    Interested in the chat about cancer/sickness smells and feelings etc...

    I've always found it is different for some than others.

    I actually like the smell of sulphur, it has a comforting feel to it.

    I've always been guided to believe if there's a bad smell around you or one that you find distasteful it represents a bad spirit. Having said that i believe it is the spirit of the person giving off the scent rather than an actual spirit/ghost.

    For me, the smell of death from a living person is usually one of decaying flesh quickly followed by an aroma of roses. Very odd combination but it's spot on every single time within two weeks. We can't tell someone they are about to die in two weeks so i pray for their souls a safe and smooth transition to the higher side and healing for their friends and families.

    Sometimes that is all we need to do and part of what we are here for.

    Verdana 🙂

  • Hi SG,

    About your dream...Just an impression but I think it symbolizes that you are coming into your own as far as your spirituality is concerned. You may come from a royal lineage from previous incarnations(colors of gold and purple). I have no formal training. I just get impressions when people describe their dreams...

  • Hi All,

    verdana, tell your spirit friends thank you from me..I had a feeling we finally found something that was working..I am going to get some rose quartz for both boy though [twins].

    I have to say I think the smells come from the spirit of the person also..Right before my dad died [2days] I was sitting in his room and I smelled the most beautiful flower fragrance..it wasn't a few, it smelled like a truck load [mixed flowers]. I started looking around his room ,then at the window to see if it was open looking for where the smell could be coming from, my mom says you smelled it didn't you..I played dumb and said smelled what, she says you smelled those flowers didn't you..I said yes ,did you? she had several days earlier..it was a smell I will never forget. I thought at the time it was the soul.

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