• Hello Everyone,

    I've enjoyed reading all the post, I've actually been to this forum a few times, wasn't inspired to write anything, felt I didn't have anything worth stating. I find all of you to be so extraordinary, loving, compassionate and positive. I find peace in this forum reading your insightful threads.

    I try so hard to be positive, to keep my light shining but lately I've just been in a terrible gloom, and yesterday I blew up at an employee, I couldn't contain my anger, of course very regretful today because I love peace, I don't like confrontations. I do believe he needed to be scolded but not in my most venomous manner in which I did. I was shaking. To have so much venom inside is not good. I'm 50, and should know and do better. I want to always be positive, loving and compassionate to all but I've been falling very short lately.

    One weird thing that is happening to me, started yesterday too, woke up and thought about The Wizard of Oz, then on my way to work they were talking about a special showing of the Wizard of Oz for our community, then my horoscope talked about something from the WofOz and in one of the post on this forum someone even mentioned a horse of a different color. I realize that is a very complex movie, with hidden matter but why is it constantly appearing to me? Any insights would be great.

    Happy belated Birthday to Goddess, my mother-in-laws birthday and ex, sister-in-laws birthday. So I thought a lot about that day. It meant a lot to me June 8th. Anyway, I have to go out of town/state tomorrow to attend a funeral, unexpected death of a sweet, tender aunt, only 2 days before I actually dreamed my Mother died, and my inlaws were also in that dream, both my inlaws have passed but they were both young and happy. I was very depressed about the loss of my Mother in my dream, I'm not really close to her, but I was totally in grief in my dream, then 2 days later this sweet aunt passes on the operating table, and she felt so positive believing all would be well and she'd be fine. After I attend the visitation, I have to leave the following day to travel to another State to attend a wedding, so many mixed feelings. I hope I haven't thoroughly confused any of you.

    I'm posting because I just need some of your good positive light, and some of your wise words to me. I would sincerely appreciate it. If you possibly get any vibrations from me, or any words of advise I would greatly take it to my heart. Info on me: 3/9/59 Pisces Sun/Moon, Sag. Rising.

    Thank you and blessing to all of you. I hope you all continue to post. Great vibes from a no. of you, and I find you all very fascinating.

  • how do you do it....they answer question first

  • Blessing to you

  • journey12: I don't understand what you were stating...."how do you do it....they answer question first? Would you please explain?

  • Fish, I would go rent the movie and watch it. Maybe there is a message in the movie that you need to hear.

  • Asking for insight on my dream.

    The other night I dreamt that I was standing in the bedroom where I grew up and I was looking out the window. The weather was cloudy and a bit grey (typical weather for Alaska) and then there was 3 seagulls and an eagle flying around. One of the seagulls plucked a feather from the eagle and it flew by my window and it showed me the feather like the seagull wanted to give it to me. I said, here I asked for a feather and it came to me. Then the next thing in the dream I was watching an avulance.

    The next day I saw 3 ex's (well one wasn't really a boyfriend but we were close).

  • Hello scorpio friend, I also am a scorpio, and also feel very intuitive almost as if I were the only one to ever see things for what the were or who they were. Im 24 and I have three beautiful children, two boys and a precious little me. Currently fighting every day battles til their home safe with me from there father. So I was curious in how u are bringing ur pyschy out more and things ur doing to be more cautious of it. please share with me ur rough comings.

  • Hi All...I am new to this forum. My birth date is February 24, 1949, so am REALLY an old soul! I have always been surrounded by Pisces...my mother was a Pisces (March 16), my EX-husband was a Pisces (Mar 15). I have had a multitude of Pisces friends, in fact I met my ex at a Pisces birthday party! Go Figure!!! LOL I love being who I am...although it can be disconcerting at times! Well, hope to chat with some of you....

  • Hi all. I clicked onto 'All Things Aquarius forum', and was brought here. I'm new to this. It doesn't seem like Aquarian chat though. Can you direct me? Thx!

  • Hi,

    Every body, hey I've been on Face Book playing on a game called Farm Town.

    Any one to come play?

    Peace and Unity

    I wish Tarot had a game that is fun to play, know any? I am going to look.

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  • Hi still vegging out on FB. LOL

    Now, I also play Mafia Wars, I'm Don Sinopoli, LOL

    I have about 800 friends in two months, wow.

    Miss all of you here on Tarot. com

    Peace and Unity

  • hello one and all. this is the first time i have used a forum like this. Well, my name is Susan. Im a virgo as u can see. I have had ups and downs in the last yr. I was fired from my last job for change in management. Been off workfor over a yr now. I have down short term employement, but nothing permanent. I wish something would come along. Question, iwas hired by a company to be a Food Ambassador, in a local Krogers Store but now the job is on hold per Krogers concerns I suppose. When will i get a job????? All i keep hearing is u should have a job by now,, or u are over qualiffied or under qualified. I hardly get an interview, I think is because im 50 (older). Should i look in other cities. Anyone get any insight or telepathic on me. Im virgo, date of birth..09/15/1958. Thanks. Sure would appreciate . susan

  • Hi felt drawn to this forum & the positive supportive energy I found. My BD 3/4/1959. I find myself at a fork in the road not knowing which way to go but feel compelled to move forward & face /create a new life for myself. A little background- I'm 50 & have been a widow for 2.5 yrs & have 3 great boys 17,22,23. So many changes in my life have occurred some easier to accept than others. Lately I've been focusing on letting go of the negative energy from past relationships & events. As I revisit the past I struggle not to be hard on myself for mistakes made-keeping in the moment is hard. I find myself drawn to one man(Aquarius) who is not ready for a committed relationship & after some thought I realize I need more work on myself too. I'm not sure the timing is right for us & wonder if I need to be patient & wait or let go. Lately I wonder if he is a soulmate not meant to always be in my life but rather he came into my life to help me realize I can be close to another man & I do want love in my life again. I know letting go would be painful & I'm tired of pain & saying bye.Generally I'm very intuitive, can read people in the 1st meeting & it helps with decision making. I find my intuition cloudy - it has been for 2.5 yrs -I've always been a sunny person& put on a happy face for the world but inside I now feel like I'm cloudy with a chance of sunshine!! I take baby steps forward but now need to take a chance & step forward choosing a path-- any suggestions how ?? Thanks for your energy

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  • Hi , well I'm a 20 something girl who is curious about the supernatural and anything spiritual . I'm trying to find a purpose to my life . I don't know if I am gifted or not .

  • littlespark everyone has gifts. You have something going on there or you woulndt have that curiousity. whatever seems to pull your attention the most is probably where you can start developing further any gifts you already have. Just make sure whatever you are doing spiritually is for good and not to manipulate or hurt others. It must feel good in your heart or it is wrong. best of luck on your journey. ( :

  • Sekhmethgoddess.

    The dream you had about being a bride with a golden dress...Wow!

    In the Bible us people are likened as the bride whereas Jesus Christ is likened as the bridegroom. Jesus Christ is a symbol of the human soul that has even been healed above the human level and has a consienceness above the human consienceness. So Jesus Christ is a symbol of our potensial, our divine concienseness that we must receive, the divine consienceness that wants to come down to us and share its divine peace with us.

    When I read about that dream of yours, I thought it means that you feel ready to receive divine knowlege from God. I can not tell you what your dream means, but I have just told you what I feel it might mean.

    Gold is a symbol of protection against evil? Lavendel is a symbol of peace or wisdom (due to the good smell and the relaxing effect)? I am just suggesting.

    But I feel this is what the dream means. Wow! If that is what it means, then it means you are on the right path.

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