• Well, I've started this 'JUST CHAT' just so we can chat about anything. πŸ™‚ Because the other topic I've stared, started to branch out into other topics. So now we 'JUST CHAT' so we can chat about anything.

    So, bleudawn and verdana we can now chat about any thing, where ever it goes or takes us.

    Everybody else to.



  • Well, I didn't do the whole new member thing, so I thought I could share something about myself.

    I am 35, a mother of two girls- 13/16. I live in Texas. I have been doing tarot cards for 15 years. I have been studying dreams since I was a teenager. I am a scorpio my birthday is oct 29, 1973. I have been known to have dreams that come true. I've also scared off a lot of people because strange things often happen around me. I spent a lot of years trying to make it into coincidence, and convince people it had nothing to do with my presense.... over the years that's become a futile practice. I just didn't want people to be afraid of me. The people who matter aren't, and so I've grown up and started to truly embrace these conditions, embrace my gifts.

    It all kinda came to a head, when friends and distant people would go to psychic, and receive messages for me. Always the same message, to tell me I have incredible psychic potential, and to tap into it. It scared me for a lot of years, my mother was very very christian when I was a child, so the whole see the future thing was bad bad bad. It took me a long time to find my own way, and accept myself just as I am...heck i'm still working on it. LOL

    I'm very good at reading people in person, and a lot of times my family members shout at me to " get out of their heads" I often joke and tell them not to think so very loud! I always thought it was a body language thing, but I've come to realize it's more than that. So I'm always working on myself, and trying to find other people like me to share experiences with.

    so that's why I came here...

  • Hi all,

    I came across this site through another site that I signed up for. I have always been drawn to things mystical or supernatural. I don't know why, I just am. I posses no special gifts like a lot of the people who are on this site. It just exciteds me to know or be around people who GOD has blessed with special knowledge. I'm looking forward to being a part of this community.

  • I guess like bleudawn I never introduced myself, so I'll tell you a bit about me.

    I'm 46 ,born in kentucky grew up in california. I have 7 children [oldest daughter died from crib death] so I have 1 girl and 5 sons.Yes your right.. the testosterone can be a bit much sometimes. lol..Most of my kids have grown and moved on , the last 2 are my twin 10 year olds.

    I grew up in a very religious family, so I had to find my own way and spirituality at times. Mine started with the dreams [premonitions] when I was 16. Most people would laugh me off at first until they started coming true. I find the older I get the more I understand things, maybe it's being not so much religious but more spiritual.. I have always had a strong faith but for some reason I could never totally agree with how some people perceive God. I see him as all loving and very forgiving and I dont agree that in his eyes religions matter..Were all the same.

    Anyway..sorry to ramble off.. I find now I just KNOW things..How or Why no idea..I can pick up other peoples feelings by looking in their eyes. I also find that I'm very intuitive, I can tell who is zoning in on me and I can tell when spirits come around me and who they are if I know them. I don't hear voices and I've never seen an actual ghost. [I'd probably run]. I have seen shadows that look like people and I have a spirit that sits on my bed alot of nights _LOL...I get feelings of danger and have learned to listen to those very closely..I find my abilities getting stronger all the time..I've been looking into a hypnotherapy class.. I messed with a tarot deck and found it was easy for me to read..I don't know..I still have issues about the way I was brought up , but I'm making peace and hopefully growing as a person..


  • Hi,

    Well. I didn't do the new member thing either. I didn't know there was a new member thing. LOL.. Any who.

    I'm an middle aged lady. I was born in Pa. raised in NJ. Moved up and down the east coast.. I'm presently in LV. NV. and I don't care for it very much.

    I have had dreams come true as early as I can recall sice twelve years old. I have been reading Tarot for at least sixteen years. And have predicted many things that have come to pass. I've decided to study all twelve major religions of the world. Though not religious, I'm spiritual. Some would say I follow the Eckankar, but I'm not sure I fit in that box either. I have completed studies in Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism,Mystery Cults, and presently studying Islamism. Not even half way done. I believe there is more than one path to the Source/Creator. Honestly, the more I study, the more all the religions are very similar. I love Astrology and Tarot and everthing on this site. So, I guess that's how I ended up here. Four and half religions finished, seven and a half to go. LOL

    Even though I can predict for others. I have a hard time predicting things for myself. And it irratates me. I guess its like a surgeon trying to operate on ones self. Also, I have not found, but one silimair minded person here in LV.

    Plus, I'm definately an empath. So, I try to say away from alot of people. I have been told I have to improve my shielding. So, theres a start to get to know me. πŸ™‚

  • PS, Whoops about my typing errors-it happens. πŸ™‚

  • JUST CHAT********

    Well, I had a werid dream. That I was a bride. Yikes! LOL. Wearing a beautiful gown of gold, and lavendars and a darker lavendar.

    A little back ground last night was the first time I slept through the night. I think it was because I was wearying a Tigers Eye necklace. verdana suggested it. But the dream? I can interpret for others but not myself. So many dream dictionaries have, you know like one extreme to the other.

    So, can any one help interpret this for me? Maybe bleudawn?


  • Hi everyone,

    well it seems we're all pretty much the same here so far.

    I didn't do the new member thing either. πŸ™‚

    I've been a member for the last year but only very recently started to join in the discussion threads because there was another site i was very active on which has now closed down.

    I just go with the flow these days as to where i should be spiritually though i've been through the mill spiritually too.

    It's something i've always had an interest in and i've always been intuitive and perceptive but certainly not an active medium until i had a very sudden and frightening experience by way of a Kundalini awakening. It really was as if i had been in a very deep trance all my life previous to it. The whole world literally opened up and i discovered true spirit voices, literal vision and could tune in to thoughts of some people, which wasn't always a good thing.

    I work with angels and many guides according to what is needed. I've spent the last five years dispelling the myths to reach the truth and still discovering something new every day.

    I find that whenever i tell anyone i do not or cannot do something spiritually, the spirits prove me wrong by placing the situation before me, then when i allow it, they show me otherwise. πŸ™‚

    I believe we're all capable of much more than we realize, we just need to be open to the possibilities and give spirit a chance.

    And that friends is what i'm about. Trying to help others be open to the possibilities of their own gifts and awareness towards their and my divine purpose in life. πŸ™‚

    I'm fifty and female born and raised in the UK which is where i still live.

    I was raised in the Church of England protestant faith and still like to visit my old church. I did join as a member of a spiritualist church for all the wrong reasons now i look back but it was an experience i'll never forget. I have a problem with being restricted by jealous people who don't want to admit there are naturally gifted mediums who don't need their teachings but might need help to achieve their highest aims and encouragement to continue doing what they can with what they already know. Churches have too many egotistical managers who insist on teaching their way of doing things and if you don't agree with it they try to say you're working with the wrong kind of spirits. I could swear here but this is a public forum so i will refrain. :-))

    Sorry, i've gone on a bit here i know, but i've enjoyed reading the other posts and hopefully if this continues, once we all know a bit about each other it will be even more fun.

    Verdana πŸ™‚

  • My turn, I also never did the new member thing and didn't even know there was a, "New member thing", as so many of you have stated.

    I am 48 yrs old and have always been psychically sensitive as far back as I can remember. I am always open to new experiences.

    I have been reading Tarot for about seven years, the first two just for fun, the last 5 for personal growth and to become more in tune with my gifts.

    I constantly have, "God Things" happen to me, that is what I like to call my experiences that you just can't brush off as coincidences. Here is an example:

    In 2002, My stepdaughter was working for me, it was in a large five doctor medical group. Her job required that she pull all of the charts for the patients coming in the next day and prepare them in a way that allows the doctor to review the patients history so that they may have a quick rundown of what to expect. One of the physicians in the group was a grouch and downright mean. I could handle it, because of my position, but the other 22 employees were acutally afraid of him. The employee responsible for pulling his patients charts were always nervous because he was very particular about the order of things in the chart. My stepdaughter had a talent for putting all the charts in impeccible order.

    One day my stepdaughter came in my office and she was white as a ghost. I quickly asked, "What's wrong?" That's when she told me a patient appointment was coming up in fifiteen minutes and she had been unable to find the chart. I freaked out and said, "Why did you wait until 15 minutes before the appt. to tell me?" She explained that every single employee had looked for the chart to help her, and she never thought the problem would get this far. I kicked into high gear, if you're a Gemini you know what that means. There was a storage area down the hall from the actual office, we called it Siberia, because it was so hard to get to if you were having a busy day and in need of something out of there. In Siberia where charts that went back as far as 25 years, so a lot of times people would come back that had not been there for say 10 years for a pap smear, (some women are so bad about that). Anyway, I just had a feeling the chart had mistakenly been taken to Siberia. Now, Siberia was in order by the year of the last visit. When I checked the last time this patient had been into the office, on my computer, I discovered she was in the middle of treatment for an ongoing problem and she had been in consistently over the last six months at least once a month. The chart definitely should not have been in Siberia, but that is where my gut took me (now I know it was my guides). Thankfully the doctor that this patient was scheduled to see (Mr. personality) was running behind, this bought me some time, but not much. To top things off, his rule was if a patient comes through that office door and the chart is not ready, it's gounds for dismissal. This is my stepdaughter we are talking about and I was scared for her.

    Anyway I walked into Siberia and went through all the girations all the other people had in an effort to find the chart, after about 20 minutes of looking with no luck. I stopped in my tracks looked up at God and said, "I need your help with this one, please tell me where this chart is." As clear as a bell a voice came in and said, "You will find the chart on top of the red staples box in the corner of this room. You can't see the chart because there are green hanging file folders on top of it making is invisible. I did not waste a minute, I went right over and picked up the green file folders and there it was, low and behold the infamous missing chart. I grabbed it and ran as fast as I could back to the office and handed it to my daughter, and everything worked out perfect.

    Of course the whole office wanted to know where, it was and how I found it? When I told them the story it changed all of their lives, especially my stepdaughter who has always struggled with her spirituality.

    My whole life has been like this, I feel very lucky to have such a close relationship with God.

    I will stop here cause I could go on forever with experiences like these. I do beleive I have a gift, like when I walk into a room I can read people immediately, and because of this I tend to want to not put myself in large groups of people, it's just to much for me to handle.

    Sorry this was so long, but I was guided to write it.

  • Hi, My posting name is Dalia. I'm 49 and will be 50 in Feb. I was married for about 8 years to a Cancer. That didn't work out. There were alcohol issues. I went back to school when I was 28 and granduated when I was 34. I have an AAS, AS and BS. I started out studying to be a Paralegal and ended up getting a degree in Elem. ED. I have worked as an legal advocate in a Womens' Shelter, paralegal for an attorney and restaurant manager since I have graduated. I would like to have my own restaurant in the near future.

    I was the victim of a serious crime. It left me having to face surgery. I had a speedy recovery. Shortly after surgery, I had an encounter w/the Holy Spirit. Since, I have had apparitions. I have seen Mary and Jesus. I have seen Jesus as the Good Shepherd, Carrying the Cross to name a few. What makes this unique is that other people can witness these images as they appear in different places. I saw the image of Jesus' face in a stone pillar at church and it was approved as an apparition (sign.) It's still there. Anyway, I know this probably sounds like a lot. That's the way my life seems to run--into a lot.

    I have shown these appartions to a few close people. I don't like to draw attention to myself. Anyway, when I post here, I don't want to sound like a fanatic. I don't want to be interpreted as trying to be "perfect" or have a perfect life. I have found that you have to "die" w/Christ everyday to be with him. It makes our suffering understandable to me.

    I have one child, a son, that is 26 yrs. old. He is an LVN. He lives about 60 miles away. My mother lives closer. My mother is a Libra, son a Gemini. My father is an Aquarius, like me. So, we are all air-heads! I have a sister (scorpio), another (virgo), a brother ( aquarius), and another (leo).

    Recently, I started a friendship w/a Virgo man who has alcohol problems. (he's handicapped). He ran into legal issues w/ the local and county police that violated his civil rights (greatly). I helped him prepare a statement and find a civil rights attorney. He is not here, so not to become "target." It's like one of those cases you see on TV. Anyway, very happy I could help him.

  • :O) It's SO nice to meet everyone!

  • " SekhmetGoddess:

    JUST CHAT********

    Well, I had a werid dream. That I was a bride. Yikes! LOL. Wearing a beautiful gown of gold, and lavendars and a darker lavendar."

    Well with a dream like this I would usually start by asking some questions. How do you feel about being a bride? (yikes!...LOL). How did you feel in the dream about being a bride?

    Do you remember noticing anything else in the dream.. were you in a church, outside, a home, were there people, can you remember who, was there a groom?

    How did you feel about the dress in your dream, how did you feel in it?

    Any of those details will help to figure out exactly how the dream relates to you... but in the 'broad' sense of interpretation… Bride

    Integration: blending harmonizing

    Integration is the coming together of what is naturally separate, and therefore needing unity.

    All intimate relationships are payer asking that the two become one. Why are we who are so opposite so attracted to each other? Until we achieve the beginnings of an inner marriage we will be caught up in outer forces of love, sex, and relationships to create the unity and integration we so desire.

    Your task is to move out of extremes into more of a balance, integrative point in your life. Express yourself more freely. Reach out for what fate brings you. Allow time in your day to bond. Practice listening to how others see their lives as different from your own. Develop humanity by nurturing similarities to others. Integration means uniting differences and enhancing similarities.

    Giving-express, expel, supply

    In giving we exchange the energies of life, yielding what we do not need for ourselves so that we may be clearer in our essence.

    We do not give in order to receive, although many do just that. We give what we have gained so another may also receive new life. Having gained what is precious we sent it away freely, affirming what we have had. Let go of your needs and you can truly offer to another. Hold on to them and you will be giving to get.

    Your task is to let go of your needs by fulfilling them directly, not by manipulating in order to get. Refocus on what is most valuable in life. Like yourself so much you can share that with others. Open to those you feel have nothing to give you . Practice only giving love when you are receiving it. Practice giving all of yourself to each moment. Create situations for greater mutual sharing. When you offer something let go of how it is received.

    See if any of that resonates... and let me know what else you may remember about the dream

  • Well okay here it goes, while awake. A wedding and a gown are very pretty and romantic. but marriage by the states definition is not for me. However, in the dream I was happy. However I walked to the alter and there was no bridegroom . Then I looked over my right shoulder and the best of my recollection I winked at a man. He got up out of the pues and we got married. I can't remember who he was and vagely remember what he looked like. I wish I could.

    It was a chuch.

    It was crowded with guest.

    I felt comfortable and at easy in the gown. It was beautiful.

    I only remember this inadditon to that, later he said I didn't ask him , To get married. I answered, 'but I did'.

    Then I guess my sleep was disturbed, because I started a different dream and that was strange also. And completely different.

    Different Dream Dictionary= definatons are as follows,

    Sigmond Freud states as follows, "BRIDE" expect to recieve a legacy of money.

    "WEDDING" I will find happiness in love.

    And so on... there all very similiar. Are they just all generic?

    However, I do see a lot of what you thought as being possible in my life right now.



    PS " I'll post a picture of my self under to post a picture or not, but I'm still a chicken,

    When I get back.

    πŸ™‚ "

    PSS." I have to go for now. I'm in a rush I'll be back when I get home."

  • HI,

    I"m back just got home.Okay, so I guess. Well,what I'm trying to express. Since even though I went out I had this all in the back of my mind. I do see alot of what your "bleudawn" intrpreting in my life. Right down to a division in myself. Which I have been trying to reconcile. And NOT just because I'm a Gemini either its some thing else. How could what your picking up on be so true and so different from the dream dictionaries? I don't know, I use to but some thing has been clouding the way. For my self personally to interpret for my self. Part of the division I'm guessing.

    Well. looking forward to your response(s). πŸ˜‰ I wish Tarot.com had Audibles.


  • Hi again everyone,

    Dalia, i see where you are coming from with the dying thing. It's the reason many spiritual people have led such tragic lives. Or had so many upheavals, so that they can communicate and help others because of their spiritual way of dealing with issues. Even when we haven't dealt with them all efficiently as we might like, sensitive people have the ability to see where they ent wrong and can adapt so forgiving themselves. That is so difficult to do for so many people but easy for God because there is no judgement so long as we recognize the mistakes and try to put it right or get it right next time.

    That's my take on it anyway. πŸ™‚


    you're lucky to recognize your ability and to be able to show people you are what you are and for them to accept it, you must be an exceptional person. πŸ™‚


    I found your dream interpretation to be a very indepth report which makes a lot of sense to me too. From the little knowledge i have of Sekhmet, i can associate with many things in there.

    My own thoughts as to the marriage wearing gold and purple.

    Gold and purple are the most spiritual colours and represent deep spirituality.

    I think the acceptance of spirit and the Tigers eye showed the willingness to understand, the wedding is the bonding between Sekhmets spirit and spirit.

    It is truly magical when you let it happen.

    I find the problem with dream book interpretations is that we tend to think on a real life issue and what the ego wants to see rather than the spiritual symbolism which is far more revealing.

    Someone once said that death and marriage is really no different.

    They both represent profound changes in life. Embrace the changes and adapt to a different way of thinking and living and the happiness comes from within.

    As for me, i want some changes in my life too.

    A well paid job doing my spiritual work would be fantastic and to work from home even better.

    I like to get out to the church circles to do my bit and meet people but i need the change from the day job. Ideally, i'd love to have the time to organize clairvoyant/psychic demonstrations to raise money for good causes. Doing that would give me the balance i want from being paid to do what i do and giving where i can.

    I am a Libran after all πŸ™‚

    Verdana πŸ™‚

  • Hi,

    I just finished reading all the comments here and again I feel like I don't belong. I have enjoyed reading about everyones special gifts.

  • Hi brownsugar,

    why should you feel you don't belong?

    The chat was set up for everyone to join in by a super person.

    Ask a question or three and tell us a bit about yourself if you like. It's the only way to get to know people and start to belong. It's common among sensitive people.

    Bless you for reading and hope you'll join in again.

    Verdana πŸ™‚

  • Hi All! I'm a 43 (soon to be 44,boo!) mum of 5 gorgeous children. I have been married twice, and I have a strong intuition that many psychics have commented on in the past. I enjoy this site because not only do I find it fun and informative but I enjoy the "friendship". Any advice or input I do give stems from personal knowledge & intuition....and I enjoy the alternative viewpoints and wise gems offered by everyone else as it helps me to get a more rounded view of life and away from the computer I can apply that knowledge. I have the standard traits of my sun sign Gemini, being on the cusp of Taurus...I am also stubborn (can't believe I just admitted that!!!) Aquarian moon....and Libra rising....so I'm also flirty in nature, 100% loyal and I believe in love but woebetide anyone that abuses my trust!!! I'm pretty clued up at reading people but I only have a limited amount of patience...so I'm not very good dealing with people who wallow in self pity. I don't mean to sound heartless but ....I really DO try to be sympathetic! Perhaps my friends on here will help me develop my patience and listening skills!!! LOL....I have a wicked British sense of humour too and I enjoy having fun! Looking forward to chatting with you all soon!

  • Hi,

    Looking for Bleudawn. Are you okay? I know people get busy. But you usually pop in a couple of times a week. Just wondering. Hope all is well with you.

  • Hello all. 60 y.o. (where did the time go?) who just (finally, in 3 years) got a degree in legal studies, have 5 grandboys, 2 dogs (my son's actually), 2 cats (I've stopped reading the "Help save the kitty board at work)...and a home in GA that now needs an entire upgrade to the air conditioning system (ugh). Working full time for a law firm in DT ATL and loving that, but stressed (as usual), single for a number of years S/P 2 divorces and have been celibate for a long while (which is not a bad thing). Kinda gave up on marriage and "looking for love." Looking to "chat" with anyone about anything. I've worked really hard all my life (from topping/tying tobacco for 50 cents a week as a child in VA), to working as a medical transcriptionist, finally working my way into pathology with a stint in pharmacy along the way (LOVED THAT-felt so empowered to use my algebriac skills to prepare chemotherapy drugs that we hoped would WORK, but changed course too many times at the whim of others, then working outside DC as a manager pathology lab office only to encounter 9/11. I decided I needed a substantial change, so moved to MI and could not find a job in 2002. My son & soon-to-be d-in-law had settled in ATL and offered help in re-aligning my life (at that time only had 1 g-son in MI), but I ended up coming to ATL, got a job in a MAJOR law firm and, again, needed the figure out the language so went back to college and found in 3 years a DEGREE in LEGAL STUDIES. Wow. Who knew I could learn after all these years..ha. Maybe it'll stave off Alzheimers. Now daughter and her husband in MI have two boys, one a tween now. Son & D-in-Law have 3 sons in the span of 2 years so this is why I have the Jack Russels. I have girlfriends in MD (one) and FL(one) and we've been close all these years - working in the same places, keeping in touch, and I've known many people but they don't keep in touch much. Looking to find friends - close to ATL?- with whom I can keep up w/their lives and children's/grandchildren's lives when I have a chance to breathe...

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